Ten swaps to save calories

Hey readers,

You can lose weight just by altering some small changes to your diet. Sometimes we can forget what goes on our mouths and can overindulge in the calories. So it is a good idea to write a food diary to understand your eating patterns. Importantly to help with your diet swapping high calories for lower calorie subsitutes. Here are my top ten lower calorie food swaps.


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1) If you want something sweet try yoghurts that are low fat such as Muller Light yoghurt or low fat natural yoghurt.

2) Instead of using sugar in your beverages swap with sweeter. This can really help save a fair few cals!

3) When I desperately need chocolate go for lower calorie chocs such as Curly Wurly, Freddie or Crunchie  are a better alternative chocolate fix.

4) Carbs are heavy in calories so why not swap less carbs for more vegetables. Much healthy and also for me less bloating.

5) Instead of using full fat butter why not swap it for a lower calorie spread. Tends to use oil which is much better for you and your health.

6) I love bread and don’t think I could live without it in my life. So I compromise with using Weight Watchers bread. Yes it’s smaller in size to a regular size but it has the benefit of being lower in calories.

7) Alternatively Ryvita is a great snack or for lunch.

8) If your looking for that chocolate treat look no further then chocolate shot. I have just discovered this beauty but for 14 cals per teaspoon great way to jazz up fruit or yoghurt. Certainly hits the sweet fix.

8) I love fizzy pop but instead of going for ladened with sugar full pop swap for a diet pop version. Major difference in calories.

9) Great idea for burgers instead of using a burger bun swap it for an English muffin. Still has the desired effect and great especially for BBQ season.

10) When Having meat products if they have fat on trim away and take the skin off chicken.

Cheers for reading X

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21 thoughts on “Ten swaps to save calories

  1. Great list! I’m a bread lover too, I can’t live without it. So totally agree, finding a lesser calorie alternative to the food we want to eat is the best option to lose a little extra weight in our bellies. Lovely post! #KCACOLS.

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  2. Ohh some great tips here. I am such a chocoholic but maybe if I start switching to curly wurly or crunch bars I won’t feel so guilty! I love bread too, tried to give it up for lent but it didn’t happen!

    Thanks so much for linking this up to #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next Sunday x

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  3. Good tips! I love carbs and chocolate so I’m always looking for different alternatives. I haven’t tried weight watchers bread yet and I must remember to buy some yoghurts! Making my portions smaller has been a major turning point for me! 🙂


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