FTMOB 22/02/2016

Hey readers,

So here is a  list of quotes from my little darlings. Haven’t had much time to sit and write as every time golden nuggets happen something else happens and before I know it I forget (the joys of motherhood).

1) My eldest son said to me yesterday when given bedtime kisses and cuddles, “Mummy your the bestest mummy in the world”. Cue melted heart ♥.

2) My youngest son can now say “nanny” and it is lovely when he says it as he has such a lovely sweet smile to it.

3) Over the half term my DS1 has been so morbid recently and constantly asking questions about death. “what happens when you die mummy?” then his minds boggles when he tries to understand cremation and burial. I hope this is just a phase it is a bit depressing to constantly hear about it often.

4) My eldest said to his daddy,  “Daddy you need to lose some weight your tummy is getting big”. Honestly had to go into another room and howl.

5) Finally it has happened my DS1 has finally found the dreaded “bored” or “boring”. It is already irritating and he is only 4, grrrr!

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

6 thoughts on “FTMOB 22/02/2016

  1. No 4 – tee hee! kids are so blunt! And as for the death obsession – in my eldest’s first year of school they did a big project about easter and my son ended up full of questions about the crucifiction and how Jesus died and who else died – so morbid and grizzly! #ftmob

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  2. Oh poor Daddy – I bet he wasn’t impressed by that one! I love your son telling you that you’re the bestest mummy in the world and your youngest being able to say “nanny”- how adorable! I can imagine all the questions about death are somewhat depressing – quite glad I’ve yet to deal with that one! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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