Benefits of walking

 Hey readers,
I love my FitBit, which if you don’t know is an activity tracker and try each day to reach 10,000 steps, which I do most days. I love the monitoring numbers, challenging and keeping fit. I love walking and found since taking up this hobby it has really helped my health and overall fitness. I am now going to explore the benefit of walking and why it is great for you. 
This is the version I have, a fitbit flex. Can’t live without it now!
  1. Walking is great because you can walk anywhere, urban or green fields you name it anything goes.
  2. Walking has many health benefits. It can help get your heart healthy, lungs fit and  built your stamina.
  3. As a person who suffers with depression I know that getting out in the open air can help clear your head and give you change of scenery.
  4. Planning a walk each day can help get you motivated and have something to look forward too and help give you that zest for life again.
  5. If you love Instagram like me then it is great for inspiration for photos and walking can help give you something to take a photograph off.
  6. It is free and you don’t have to go far for a walk. Even if it is just around the block that is OK. The beauty with walking is it accessible for anyone to do, anytime you feel like it.
  7. Walking can help you lose weight by keeping active and activating the digestive system. This helps give you more energy which inturn gives you chance of burn more calories.
  8. Walking is a great way to help tone your bum, tum and legs muscles. Particularly prominate if you are walking up hills can enhance the toning process.
  9. Walking can help increase vitamin D levels. It has been found that people in Britain are vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D benefits are making the bones and immune system healthy. Not to mention the fact that increased levels of vitamin D can uplift your mood.
  10. Walking can give you energy and boast your circulation by producing more oxygen to your organs making movability easier. 

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    1. Tis but I just incorporate it into my routine and if I am at home I tend to do walking videos on YouTube (faster then simply paving About). But I still get a buzz from reaching 10,000 and I have been doing it for over 2 years grin 😁 X

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