How sensory helps me relax

Hey readers,

Autism is hard at times to manage and I feel crap recently because I seem to be having frequently meltdowns due to added pressure socially. Plus additional important information I need process and adapt to new changes. So I have tried new ways to incorporate relation techniques into my daily life to help make me relax a bit more.

I know asperger affects me in a way where I like doing physical hand movement type things as oppose to say thinking/meditating type things. I find some sensory activities can cause stress but others can create relaxation for me and stop me to obsessively checking of thinking  (as I also have OCD).

1) Firstly I absolutely love colouring. I have found it really helpful in giving me something to focus on and just being in the moment without constantly having several thoughts rushing through my head. It helps make me more relaxed so I can face challenges better too.

2) Planning something whether be a day out or activity with the kiddos I get pleasure from. Especially when it goes smoothly. I find it detracts me away from stress as again I focus on the here and now without worrying about things that I don’t necessary need too.

3) Personally for me there is something amazing about putting your head on a cold pillow.  Maybe because going into my bedroom (which is not often a lot cooler then other places in my home) can calm me down. I have several trips  throughout thr day to my room for ‘timeout’. I found my tempatures gets really hot when I’m anxious and faffing therefore feeling something cool can soothe me.
4) I have social anxiety, I do go our now but I tend to feel very anxious and on edge. So when I am using public transport I use a stress ball to help relax me when I get overwhelmed. It distracts me and I get get rid of all that pend up energy and frustration.

5) This sounds werid when writing this down but brushing my hair helps relieve stress and I love the feeling after.

I know a lot of this stuff is hands on or sensory element but I am not one for sitting still I struggle sitting at the Dinner table for five minutes.

Cheers for reading X

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22 thoughts on “How sensory helps me relax

  1. I put myself in time-out in my room when the mind traffic gets too much. I used to stick my headphones on when I used public transport or read to distract myself. Colouring seems to very popular at the moment doesn’t it? Glad to hear it relaxes you. 🙂 #SpectrumSunday


  2. Colouring is great. It occupies your hands and enough of your brain that you’re not bored but not so much that it’s stressful. I wish I could do it more but it’s not really an option with the boys around because they want to join in and it ends up being far too stressful!

    I tend to fiddle a lot. A pen, any rings I’m wearing, my clothes, anything to hand; I fiddle with it all.


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  3. Ooh who doesn’t like a cool pillow?! I know I do. Planning ahead for an activity is a good idea. If you have the time it’s worth it in the long run, but some things take so much organising don’t they, especially with children? #abitofeverything

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  4. I have heard about the adult colouring books! It’s great that you have found things which work for you! I feel very relaxed when my daughter brushes my hair! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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  5. Some people find coloring so relaxing… I have not tried it though! It’s nice knowing stuff that would make you relax and helps put out stress, isn’t it? #bestandworst

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  6. It sounds like you’ve got your techniques in place well. I agree on the colouring, it is so east to get engrossed in and just lose yourself for a little while 🙂 #bestandworst

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  7. Colouring is something I must try, I have heard so many good things about how good it is to relax your mind. Also agree completely with the cold pillow x #abitofeverything

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  8. A really interesting post lovely! I really love reading your posts as it always gives me a little window into how the mind works, and it always fills me with ideas to try with Hayden! He is obsessed with stressball type things and will very rarely concentrate at school without one. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday, I hope you join me again this week xx

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