Boredom busters

Hey readers,

We all know that kids can get bored. Sometimes I find it hard to think what to do with my child because of things going on, tired or whatever the reason. Therefore having a safety net of ideas to help as a back up plan can help ease the stress and I don’t have to think which is an added bonus!  So here is my top 10 boredom busters.


  1. Read a book and use voices to entertain little ones. You help them educationally and it is structure that makes a chance instead of using toys.
  2. Bake something though make sure you measure the ingredients and have everything prepared before you let the Kiddo’s lose in the kitchen.
  3. Use every day objects, whether it be building blocks or cars to make shape rinting. A fun and exciting alternative use when painting with children.
  4. Alternatively get a straw and blow paint on paper to create a different pattern. Kids love blowing and painting so what better combination to use.
  5. Make a den in the living room, throws put up and place cushions on the bottom to sit on. A great way to escape and perfect activity for the wet days we are frequently getting at the moment.
  6. Write a letter and send it to someone say a grandparent. They love a little trip to the letter box and putting it into the letter box. It makes it feel really important and special.
  7. Have a disco in your own living room. Whack some fun tunes on YouTube and get dancing. Great way to get the kids exercising whilst having fun!
  8. Get your little darling to help when your cleaning. Even if it is just the hoover or the feather duster they love helping and mininicung you.
  9. learn a new song with actions. Both my boys love singing so it is a perfect way to kill some time.
  10. Get a roll of paper and get your child to lie on it and draw around the body. Then you can colour it in.


Just giving it a wipe over mummy.


Awwww, sending a letter to nanny.


Cheers for reading X

You Baby Me Mummy


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14 thoughts on “Boredom busters

  1. Great ideas and cute photos. I like the idea of writing and posting letters. If your kids like this, you and they may be interested in postpals? Its a charity that lets you write letters to children who are sick, something to cheer them up.
    Amanda. #kcacols

  2. Great list! I have some of these ideas before like singing and dancing in the living room, read a book with lots of different voices, baking in the kitchen (this is task actually done by daddy as I’m not very good in the kitchen, lol), making a den, etc. I like the idea of writing a letter and put it in the letter box. We haven’t done this one but I will try next time. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x

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