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Hey readers,

We were very fortunate to receive a mini weekend box to test out. A little bit about the product, well it is an activity box of fun activities to do with your child/ren which will entertain them at the weekend.

The activities consist of four areas:

Something to make (arts and crafts)

Something to bake (cooking activities)

Something to explore (sensory exploration activities)

Something green (things to plant and upcycle)

With the mini activities they consist of two of the above category activities. The mini activity box was introduced at a later stage in 2013 as a direct reponse from the feedback from the customers. The main concern found with the full activity box was that the customers did not always have the time to complete the full activities.

The cost of the mini activity box is just £4·95 and the bumper activity box cost £7.50 including free p&p. The activity box arrives every fortnightly with all the bits included.

What I found with the box is that it was lovely to receive something special for the child. I felt the personal box motivated my son to want to join in with the dedicated activities.

The design of the box was colourful, playful and it also had four animal characters each with their own different personalities.

The instructions were really clear and easy to follow step by step including pictures which is great for a visual learner.

My son enjoyed the knowledge facts which were education and enough snippets to keep my son engaged.

I love the concept that each week is a different themes. For example I had all about rainforests so we did a rainforest activity (explore green) and a parrot mask maker (art and crafts).

The activity sheet state the time frame and the difficulity of the task. I found this really useful for planning in the activities that fit in the day.

Personally my son is 4 and the art activities using scissors where a bit advanced for him. I suppose being an age range of 4 to 7 it can be tricky to cater for all level approate learning. Though my son did enjoy help stick down the paper so therefore still able to engage him in the task.

Each activity came with a sheet and nicely colourful wrapped packages with all the required accessories for the task. Boh the sheet and package were colour co-ordinated so was easy to know which one goes with what.

Finally my son enjoyed getting positive reinforcement with receiving a sticker at the end each task. When all activities were done he received a certificate which really made his day and proud to show off to other family members.

I think the project is great in helping educate children in a fun way. It helps build the child’s confidence and nurture their development.

The activity box  helped provide quality time with my son. The box helped encourage great life skills such as working together, listening and communication.

If you are inspired by my review and want to try your 1st Weekend Box for free – use the promo code SAM321 when signing up here for a Weekend Box Club But you can pause or cancel your boxes if you’re not completely satisfied at any timethe .


The items included in the mini activity box.
My son sticking down paper for the parrot mask.
Putting the soil into the bottle to make own rainforest
Planting seeds to get them ready to grow.
By completing both activities my son was rewarded with a certificate.



Cheers for reading X

**please note that I was given a mini weekend activity box in exchange for a review. Though all my opinions expressed are entirely my own. **

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