FTMOB – 01/02/016

Hey readers,

My DS1 is really making me howl with his observations. Also I can report  me and my hubby have noticed how well my DS1 has come on leaps and bounds with his speech. He is getting so much clearer and we don’t have to use sign language or try and second guess him. Which is really good as we want him to communicate better particularly for when he starts school in September. We are worried that if the other children can’t understand whether in time he will hit out due to frustration.

Anyway here are some recent conversations:

  1. What with the weather beening so bitter particularly in the evening my boys have been wearing their snuggly onesie. One night whilst my son was getting up to go to the toilet he informed daddy, “daddy, the Fireman Sam line keeps going up my bottom’. Now what he means by this is he has a Fireman Sam onesie and there is a line behind on the onsie goes up his bottom when he wrigglings in bed at night. Now we have resolved it where he wears pants to protect his bottom, lol!
  2. My DS1 called daddy. ‘Your just like old James Bond’. Haha, we were watching the other day one of the old 60’s cheesy James Bond the other day. He is so checky though!
  3. Whilst leaving nursery DS1 was talking to one of his nursery friends. My DS1 said to his friend,”I like your coat, it’s blue”. Friend replies, “my mum got it but I don’t where from”. Goes ask mum and returns to DS1, ” it’s from Matalan so you have to go there and get one OK”. Lol
  4. My youngest is infatuated with our cat, follows him and points/squeals, “cattttttttttt”. Ever so cute!
  5. My eldest stood up in nursery and recited wheels on the bus excellently all by himself and now goes around home singing,”the wheels on the bus go round and round”.
  6. My youngest has now found a way of letting me know that he needs a nappy change. He comes running into me and says, ” pooooooooo” pointing to his bottom.

Cheers for reading X

Little Hearts, Big Love

6 thoughts on “FTMOB – 01/02/016

  1. Number 1 is hilarious! My youngest does both 4 & 6 too! (My sister was deaf when she was little as her ear canals didn’t open. It wasn’t picked up for a long time so her speech was really delayed, and when she did pick up talking she was hard to understand. She had speech therapy after starting school, but she was still hard to understand when she first went to school and for at least a couple of years. She never had any problems with other children – they were much better at understanding her than adults were, and didn’t think very much of it. They would explain what she was saying to teachers if necessary.) #ftmob

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    1. Aw thank you that has really reassured me. So stressful when professionals point it out and make really extra stress. I just want him to be happy and I know how very hard it is to communicate myself with autism. X


  2. Love reading about the things that your boys say – love your youngest saying “catttt!” – sounds adorable and it’s good that he knows he’s done a poo too – Sophie will now tell me as well, but “Mummy I done a poo” can mean either a wet or dirty nappy. Sounds like your eldest is really coming along with his speech now – being James Bond is something most men might think is a compliment although I’m not sure that your son meant it that way! The Wheels on the Bus is a big favourite with my two as well – it’s lovely to hear children singing away to themselves. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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