Leaky Feelings

Hey readers,

This is a poem I wrote this week. I just let the words flow. I like it because it is messy just like me. I am not refined, nor do I fit a certain way, I am just being me. It shows that Autism is a hell of an emotional roller coaster and that is just in a week. Autism is more complex then how often you have a panic attack you can’t judge or estimate. The condition is ironically ambiguous and unmeasurable. I get angry with certain organisations that think Autism is nothing and don’t appreciate the fact of the complexities of the Spectrum that even for me. Just one individual how much it can change. It’s not free flowing, it has messy wires that don’t fit a criteria. It’s not mental health nor is it learning disability.  It feels to me like it is just a floater and that so many people fob the condition off as bad behaviour. There is so many layers and complexities that you can’t see as its such a invisible condition therefore harder I suppose in once sense to understand.

Can’t stop these feelings,
That erupt inside of me,
They just keep on coming,
Straight right through me.

I just want to stop,
Just for a minute,
To breathe and just be,
But my wires won’t let me bd.

Sometimes I feel too much,
Where other dayd I feel nothing,
Or so I think,
But most of the time I am just struck,
With confusion and wonder.

Sometimes I question how I am,
How I even manage a day,
Others I an in total  denial,
Fooling myself with the fakery.

This is me,
Through and through,
Turmoil will always be,
And my wires tangled up,
In mystery.

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Sons, Sand & Sauvignon

Trespass Duffle Wool Coat Review

Hey readers,

I was recently asked by Trespass to review one of their items.  As it has been so cold later and I take my boys to the park regularly I chose a Duffle Wool Coat in charcoal colour. It is made from a wool blend. Inside there is a quilted lining with soft padding which helps trap heat in when needed out and about. 

Inside the hood it is lined with tartan. which I absolutely love for material and style.

The coat comes with adjustable wrist straps which is great for keeping you all snug in the colder weather outdoors.

There is a full zip and toggles to give you that extra comfort and warmth.

I find there sizing perfect for me and their range goes up to a xxl. They also do clothing in men and children’s range. 

I particularly love as a parent the large pockets so that I can fit my toddlers beaker inside and the thousands of stones they seem to collect outside.

I like the colour of the coat being charcoal as it compliments many different outfits.

I have to say the quality of the coat is fantastic. It is super soft and I have adopted it as my new firm favourite coat. It is fantastic in going outdoors and it is not too heavy in weight so I don’t feel overheated but at the same time it feels snuggly when out the cold weather. So that makes it perfect for a day out. I definately recommend Trespass as they have a wide range of ladies casual jackets which is fantastic for the great outdoors. You can find other products here: Ladies Casual Jackets



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Family Fever

Ten swaps to save calories

Hey readers,

You can lose weight just by altering some small changes to your diet. Sometimes we can forget what goes on our mouths and can overindulge in the calories. So it is a good idea to write a food diary to understand your eating patterns. Importantly to help with your diet swapping high calories for lower calorie subsitutes. Here are my top ten lower calorie food swaps.


Cutting calories on white background

1) If you want something sweet try yoghurts that are low fat such as Muller Light yoghurt or low fat natural yoghurt.

2) Instead of using sugar in your beverages swap with sweeter. This can really help save a fair few cals!

3) When I desperately need chocolate go for lower calorie chocs such as Curly Wurly, Freddie or Crunchie  are a better alternative chocolate fix.

4) Carbs are heavy in calories so why not swap less carbs for more vegetables. Much healthy and also for me less bloating.

5) Instead of using full fat butter why not swap it for a lower calorie spread. Tends to use oil which is much better for you and your health.

6) I love bread and don’t think I could live without it in my life. So I compromise with using Weight Watchers bread. Yes it’s smaller in size to a regular size but it has the benefit of being lower in calories.

7) Alternatively Ryvita is a great snack or for lunch.

8) If your looking for that chocolate treat look no further then chocolate shot. I have just discovered this beauty but for 14 cals per teaspoon great way to jazz up fruit or yoghurt. Certainly hits the sweet fix.

8) I love fizzy pop but instead of going for ladened with sugar full pop swap for a diet pop version. Major difference in calories.

9) Great idea for burgers instead of using a burger bun swap it for an English muffin. Still has the desired effect and great especially for BBQ season.

10) When Having meat products if they have fat on trim away and take the skin off chicken.

Cheers for reading X

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday
You Baby Me Mummy


Hey readers,

Well my word of the week is


Because the children have returned to nursery and normality returns once again. I know this is so cliché but I don’t know where the week has gone. It has happened though and that is that.
I won’t complain mind as I have been thinning out the boys toys, amazing how much crap they culminate over time. The good thing is that it feels lighter and tider. Psychologically I feel so better for it and OMG we can now see some of the floor, haha!

Sadly the one downside when the  children go to nursery is bang getting a full blown cold and cough. I actually have at night random coughing fits but it is slowly going.

Looking forward to taking the boys to the park at the weekend for a bit of a play and fresh air.

Hope  your having a good week.

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

Beets Blu KeyFinder Pager Tag

Hey readers,

When I was approached to review the Beets Blu key finder wireless Pager Tag I was more then happy to do so.

What with being a mother and trying to remember to all the stuff for my two boys there is little left for me to remember for myself. Therefore I have a tendency of losing or misplacing something frequently, #mummyproblems.

So what is the deal with this product then. Well it is basically a Bluetooth wireless key finder with a keychain to help you find something that you forget. It does have an alarm whereby you press the button on a app that is linked up to the device to sound an alarm so you can find the item. The Pager Tag is attached to say your keys so you will never be in a situation where youn won’t forget your keys! However, bear in my mind the alarm is wireless and has a distance of up to 33feet (10 metres).

All you have to do to set up is put the battery in the gadget. Then download the Beets Blu Finder on the app store ( just type in Beets Blu and it will come up straight away). Make sure you press start up button on the app. Then attach the Pager Tag to the item you do not want to lose. When you think you might have lost something and want to find it press the alarm on the app to make a sound and you go quickly to the noise and there you have the item. It is simple as ABC.

If you want to reset the Pager Tag all you have to do is take the battery out of the Pager Tag and it will then automatically reset it’s self.

Also it is really easy to swap the Pager Tag to a different item. All you have to do is remove the land yard and put on to the new item.



This is what the Pager Tag looks like in the box.This is the instructions, Pager Tag and land yard.


Let’s get down to the nitty gritty off the product.



Packaging is really good mostly with being in a secure shell within side the box.It is really simple to download and not a grievance to set up.The Pager Tag is really lightweight so great for putting on keys and staying in the bag when not using.Can attach to almost anything you want; phone, purse, keys (sadly not your child).The alarm is clear and loud to hear even in another room with TV.The Pager Tag is wireless Bluetooth so there is no faffing about and you can simply use it on an app on your phone.The Pager Tag is compatiable with Iphone5, 4s, iPad3 and later versions. Android device with Bluetooth smart. (Can find the list of all devices that work with the pager tag onhttp://www.bsblu.com/ptcompat).Comes with a battery, which I also love to have cause it can be annoying if you don’t already have the available battery at the time. So you can use the Pager Tag straight away.



The land yard is loose within the box.On the Pager Tag there is no symbol for negative and positive to indicate where the battery should go. Would be easier for me if it did without the hassle of testing till I got it right.On the app itself the symbols are not light up to indicate what you are doing on the app, for example turning the volume up therefore not  so knowing what exactly is happening or not.


Overall a great product that can be easy to set up. It is useful to help track down a lost item. It is also wireless and a dongle is not required. The noise is clear and loud. I like the fact also simple light design and not that noticeable to others, unlike the rape alarm that was really heavy and bulky. You can use it on a host of stuff and it is compatible on a range of devices. Definately recommend if you constantly losing something and saves the hassle of hours searching.


If you want to know more about the product you can check it out here: Beets Blu Key Finder Pager Tag


Cheers for reading X 

Family Fever