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This week I took the plunge and immigrated over from Blogger to the wonderful WordPress. I can confirm it is the best decision I have made. I have been humming and arring for awhile now but not being massive techie person was scared incase it all goes tits up. I have written my reasons why if you haven’t you might want to come over to WordPress.


  1. There is freedom with WordPress over Blogger. Google owns blogger site and you will need a google email to sign up. Blogger does have the advantage of having Google+ as social media platform to promote your work.  whereas WordPress gives you control and flexibility to chose in what you want to do. Blogger is a lot easier in terms of understanding but WordPress gives you choice of of design without being restricted. I suppose as more people opt for WordPress over Blogger then there are more people designing different themes which then entails more choice.
  2. Blogger is basic but it did help me when I first started when I had limited knowledge of web design or anything about how to set up a blog. But it is limited with lack of plugins and  designs making it harder to give that personal touch. Though you do have Google ads if you want to make some money which is really simple to set up through Blogger.
  3. You don’t know how safe Google is as if someone reported some material of yours for  plagiarism, Google has the right to put your website down. So ownership is an important factor when considering the platform you want. As it would heartbreaking if you lost your posts.
  4. It is really easy to transfer material over and domain name to WordPress so even if you started out on Blogger it is doable to swap over if you wish without hassle free complications.
  5. Since using WordPress I found it much easier to understand and set up my own design the way I want it rather then having the urgeto smash my face in (which I felt frequently when using Blogger). If I wanted to do alot of changes to Blogger I needed a PC which was not convenient for me especially as I found it so time consuming.
  6. Overal,  I think Blogger is a simple platform and great for a starting point when starting out but it is restricted with ownership, design and control. WordPress is more complex with understanding but once you learn how to get around the site you can create a unique and personal design with being flexible and open to what ever you want. Not to mention the wealth of how to videos on YouTube making it easier to understand WordPress and giving you the confidence to experiment.

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24 thoughts on “Swapsies

  1. Yay for making the move! I did in October and I had no idea what on earth I was doing nor could I understand all the techie jargon. But I agree with you on all of the above I absolutely love that I’ve made the move and I’m so much happier now #KCACOLS

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  2. Ahhh I am already on wordpress so you had me convinced from the beginning. I think it was pretty much chance that I chose it as I just looked at the main options and picked the one I liked the look of the most. Glad to see it has these advantages. #KCACOLS

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  3. Good news that you’ve fond it an easy swap. I’m doing the deed and ditching Blogger this week. I’ve been procrastinating all month but time has run out and I have to do it now before my maternity leave finishes. I’ve used WordPress before and love the range of functions that are available. I think they’re going to make a big difference to the way I blog and can integrate my social media. Fun times ahead! #KCACOLS

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  4. Good to know. I’m a newbie blogger and started with WordPress right away but the saw lots of other bloggers using Blogger. I was worried I’d made the wrong choice. Glad I haven’t. Cheers!!!

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  5. I remember taking the plunge and moving from Blogger to WP and it was a rather sweaty experience. I was cursing that I never started on WP in the first place and was so worried that I was going to lose all my posts (as bad as they were I rather liked them).

    I found WP so much easier to use than Blogger as I too couldn’t get things working like I wanted or how they were meant to. And the feeling of freedom without worry is a big plus.

    Well done for taking the plunge!


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  6. I didn’t know about #3! A very informative post! I don’t know much about blogger as I started with wordpress but always good to know! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

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  7. Well done for doing the immigration and for managed to have it all done with no problems!! I always started with WordPress so not sure how Blogger is but I know a lot of people are moving from Blogger to WP lately like you. I agree with you that WP gives you so much freedom. I absolutely love WP and I can’t see myself using any other platform. I guess Blogger could be easier to start with if you are not very techie. I was lucky because my husband works in IT so he knows these things more than me and kind of guided me. He always recommended me to use WP over blogger. Thanks for this comparison as I think it would be very helpful for people trying to do the same. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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