Ftmob – 18/01/2016

Hey readers,

Well it has been mentally busy in my household since the return of normality and nursery. So doing my bestest to keep on track of the commentary of my boys. So here goes:

1) My eldest loves poo (I know  lovely yeah) and loves talking about it (double yeah). He has even got his own catchphrase of, “poo poo in my brain, brain in my bottom”. Yes very interesting, very social approiate and loves telling everyone about it!

2) Since my youngest started nursery he has been so good at copying sounds and words. He can do most alphabet letters and saying ‘please’ for anything. 

3) My eldest has informed me of what he wants to be when he is older. ” I want to be an Astronaut, fireman, policeman, hairdresser, builder and a pulmer”. Son you haven’t mentioned superman 😉

4) In the lift talking to one of my neighbours my eldest very protectively said, ” this is my little brother, we go to nursery and we both love it”. Which is ever so cute and protective of him, makes up for the times when they are at each others throats. 

5) I was talking to my eldest the other day and he informed me that, “mummy I need black shoes for my new school (starting September) as these trainers are now old and boring”. Haha he makes me laugh so much.

Thanks for reading X 

Little Hearts, Big Love

8 thoughts on “Ftmob – 18/01/2016

  1. Haha – my son is always saying ‘poo-poo bubbles’, which conjures up frankly revolting images in my head, but your son’s little poem there on the same subject really puts mine to shame 😉 I am amazed his list of future job prospects seems to be lacking in the poo references :/
    x Alice

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  2. Love how your eldest is protective of your youngest and that is quite an impressive list of jobs that he wants to do when he grows up – yes, I think he will need to be superman too to manage all that! What is it about children being obsessed with poo? My eldest can be the same sometimes! Love your youngest being able to say his alphabet and “please” and hope he is enjoying nursery. Love your new blog design too. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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  3. They all love poo don’t they?! It’s right of passage. sigh. That’s lovely, protective big brother behaviour your older son was displaying too – v cute. #ftmob

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