Home Comforts

Hey readers,
Oooo nothing beats a bit of home comforts especially when you’ve had a long day or just feel like a bag of poo. I love having a safety net of things to go to when ineed of a chill out. Even more it is a perfect list for this cold, wet and windy wintery days to hibernate too.
So I shall now enlighten you what is on my list of home comforts.
1) Firstly and most important essential to help relax at home is a hot brew. There is nothing like putting your feet up on the sofa with a lovely warm tea to wrap your cold hands around, that to me is perfection.
2) Some lovely snuggly oft throws to get wrapped up and create extra cosiness in the home.
3) A really hot shower to make sure you are really clean and super cosy and warm. This is particularly poignant when you have been out a lot in the super cold weather.
4) Followed by some really warm cotton pajamas to get you all cushy and relaxed.
5) Not to mention the pair of fluthy socks to slip into to keep your tootises warm on them cold nights, brrrr!

Yes fluthy socks rule, fact!


6) Another favourite comfort is watching something I enjoy such as comedy or thriller to escape to and forget my woes and enter someone else’s world.
7) A major you be or me is the ambience as I love soft low lighting to create a  soothing atmosphere where I can relax in my home and feel comfortable in my  enviromnent 
8) Alternatively, I am loving my kindle and it is an item that I have found to help me let go of whatever is on my mind and engage and lose myself in a book.
Thanks for reading X

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17 thoughts on “Home Comforts

  1. Oh yes! I cant seem to handle the cold during this pregnancy. In the evenings I wear my thick fluffy jumper, pyjama bottoms, slippers and warm socks and I always love a hot chocolate too!
    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky


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