Save some pennies

Hey readers,

This month is particularly hard for all of us due to post christmas spurs. Sometimes it can feel scary with worry with how you will cope during January till payday. So here are some tricks to help ease the financial burden and save some money.

  1. Make sure you are prepared so when you do avoid shopping write a list and stick to it.
  2. Have a budget, have the odd luxury but planning your weekly meals will save so much especially cutting down on impulsion. 
  3. Ask yourself when looking at something do I really need this? You be amazed once you get into this habit how much you think twice!
  4. Shop around – there are plenty of websites that you can find a better deal. is great in comparing supermarket prices and is really good at getting the  bes deal for items like nappies. 
  5. Instead of doing takeaways you can have a fakeaway instead,  cutting back the costs and possibly could be healthier.
  6. Look on local sites for free events or go to parks for free days out. Also you can find 2 for 1 deals on the internet.
  7. Having a picnic when you go out for a family day our can save the cost in buying at a eatery at the attraction as it cost extra just by being in a popular area. 
  8. Put so much away a week can soon add up and then you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.
  9. Sell unwanted gifts on ebay and earn back some poundage and In turn someone can enjoy the item rather then letting it gather dust. 
  10. Don’t waste money on a gym membership when there are so many fitness videos free on YouTube. Not to mention just sticking a coat on and going out for a walk in the fresh air. 
Cheers for reading X

A Cornish Mum

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12 thoughts on “Save some pennies

  1. Great tips! I especially love no. 10 I get so annoyed with my partner for taking out memberships when he never uses them and there are so many great free resources out there! #bestandworst


  2. fabulous tips! i need to save some money big time! I think making wise choices and looking for second hand good condition items is a good start. I love to save and find a bargain. Thanks for your ideas. #BestandWorst


  3. These are great tips. I think we could do with taking a picnic more often as always tempted to eat out! January is a very long month so thinking a bit about whether or not you need something is also really important!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon xx


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