7 positive autistic qualities

Hey readers,

Going say it again I’m autistic and I like repetition 😉 Anyhow I thought as a place to come back to when I feeling abit crap about myself and my disability to remind myself their is good in autism. Yes it can be a pain in the arse but with everything their is a ying to the yang. Please note that everyone is different in the spectrum and some things you may agree but you nay also disagree. But this is my personal take on how autism affect.
 Here goes:

  1. I am very black and white thinking and though some things don’t come naturally to me. You can guarantee that if you ask me to do washing up more often then I will automatically do as requested. I am very conscientous and will do some things in a split second.
  2. I am an autistic parent and though again a lot of natural skills I am not blessed with. That said it does not mean that I cannot learn and adapt. I am also at times harder working parent as I am aware of lack of qualities and try to accommodate them. An example of this is when I first became a parent I could not say, “I love you” to my son. I worked with worker and husband and over time it is something that I do unconscioly now. It was not easy and it took a long time but it can be done with the right support and knowledge. 
  3. I love routine and so do children. Which is perfect for my children as they know what to expect and they can feel safe knowing what is happening.
  4. There is this idea that autistic people are humourless. I can tell my friends that is BULLSHIT! Autism I feel in the press and research gets a hard deal. It’s either one extreme or other and that is not true either. Yes some cases it happens but a lot are floaters and can have variations a lot more then just two types of profiles. I have a sense of humour, I particularly dark and scarastic one at that. I love scarmism and I love comedy. I love laughing so there you go stereotypes. 
  5. Autistic people are passionate and can spend a long  time on their hobbies. They take the time to care and work hard fir what they feel passionate about. 
  6. Autistic people can show affection, not always in the conventional way but they do it their way. Which I believe makes it more authentic and true to them. There is more deapth and feeling there. It might not be a physical thing and can be  a practical thing but the thought is there anbd how we go about it means working our arses of to do it.
  7. Autistic people tend to not care what people look like and are more accepting of an individual.
Cheers for reading X 
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10 thoughts on “7 positive autistic qualities

  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Fantastic post. My son has a wicked sense of humor, loves making people laugh and is extremely caring. In fact rather that failing to feel he appears to feel too much (I wrote about this). I hate how autistic people are portrayed as unfeeling, emotionless often robotic. I want my son to be better represented not just the extremes. But I guess we aren't so newsworthy! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Catie, thank you! I know what you mean about being feeling too much and definately identify with this. I too hate the while computer robetic idea and can find it quite hurtful! I hope one day we can break down the stigma X


  3. Most of these are familiar to me in one of my family members or even myself (my parents and husband tell me I'm on the spectrum, too). My sister may have a meltdown at the thought of her first day back at college but at the age of 16 she has taught herself Korean and Japanese because of her passion for East Asia. Her focus and dedication is amazing. My son may struggle to recognise the faces of his friends from preschool but his sense of humour and way of looking at the world are things I treasure.Lovely post to read.#SpectrumSunday


  4. Awww a lot of family members do have autism/traits or some may argue that you might inherite traits whilst living with some one autistic (which has happened to my son). It is very admirable that someone can have such a passive and what an an achievement for your sister. I am so pleased that I hear autistic people have humour you can get so down reading the same crap out there so good to hear that so many people are different which is a blessing X


  5. I have friends and family with children on the autistic spectrum and I think it's lovely to know that the stereotypes aren't correct and we should definitely be open minded about the great things that autism can bring to the party despite the challenges. Thanks so much for linking up to #thetruthabout today Sam X


  6. I love this! As you say, autism is always looked at by what is lacking in an autistic person's ability and personality, however there are so many good things too! Hayden is so funny and affectionate. He gets 'cheek hugs' from all the teachers at school, his 1:1 says he is constantly asking for cuddles at school and none of the teachers deny him. Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday, I really hope you join us again this week xx


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