Signs that my child does not need the pushchair

Hey readers,

My youngest is currently between the transition of coming out the pushchair and walking. He is really good at walking. He is advantaged compared to my eldest who was nearly three and a half when we decided to boot him out (lazy monkey). So I have wrote down a list of observations of signs that my youngest was ready to say goodbye to the pushchair and start exploring the world further with his feet.

  1. I suppose the most obvious sign that my son wants to come out of the chair. He is  crying non-stop when going round shops. Looking very sorry for himself especially when he sees other children walking around and he is there stuck in his pushchair.
  2. Trying to get out of the pushchair by pushing his body forward and desperately holding on to you to get out.
  3. Altertively he is crying and wanting you to be aware that he is touching the button on the pushchair. This button is the catch to open up the straps. This is another sign that he wants  to be unbuttoned from the chair to be free to do what he wants to do.
  4. Has a massive meltdown before going out as he knows he is entering the chair. He will do anything to not be put back into the buggy. Every time you try to place him in the chair he will shuffle  or drop to the floor in protest.
  5. Generally has no interest in the pushchair, he is really good at walking. Not only that he loves beening free to roam. Not to mention the fact that now that he is at nursery his listening skills are so much better. This makes my life easier and enjoyable when we do go out that I am not too stressed to go out. 
Please bare in my mind this is my own experience and that every child has different developments and lifestyles. 

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17 thoughts on “Signs that my child does not need the pushchair

  1. Something to watch out for in the future! My little one is only 17 months, so not quite old enough to be at this stage yet, but he loves walking so I'm sure it will come around only too soon. #thelist


  2. I think he's keen to get out and wander around with his feet. My little girl is 2 1/2 yrs. old now and she hates being in buggy too, she prefers to walk all the time which is good for her I think. Well done to your little boy! #PicknMix


  3. My buggy is used less and less these days now my son is 3, he's been a really keen walker since 12 months and has always preferred walking alongside the buggy. The only thing I struggle with now, where do I put my shopping if I don't take the buggy!! It's a bit stressful carrying shopping and controlling a crazy toddler, sometimes I just take the buggy out with us knowing full well the only thing that'll be sitting in it is my bags of shopping! x #thelist


  4. My twins are almost four now and we sold their pushchair a few months ago because I honestly couldn't remember the last time I'd used it. That being said I have no problems with children aged 4 or over using a pushchair, though I know some people are very judgemental. I'd sago with the flow and do what's right for you. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky xx


  5. Definately my eldest was 3.5 when he got out of his but my youngest a lot younger so each kid differentf. But with twins I do find how that impacts their development etc X


  6. Can totally understand that and someyimes you have to do what is best for your situation. I'm in a lucky situation as I have support. You do wehat is best for you and I would to do that because I like shopping its just I'm pants at coordinating being autistic so tend to have a lot of crashes into people eek! X


  7. There is only 19 months between my sons, so my eldest was in the pushchair for a bit longer than my youngest as I had to use a double one for a while and he wasn't sensible enough to walk without holding hands which is hard to do whilst pushing a pushchair ha, but it really is down to when the child is ready and each to their own.Thanks for linking up to #PicknMixStevie x


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