Sleepy byes

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One of the loveliest things to do as a parent is sneek on in their room when they are sleeping. I just love the day my youngest is later out all relaxed and content. There is nothing better to know that your child is happy, healthy and safe.



Excuse the walls, I can reassure you that we are not living in a slum but we are in the middle of decorating ūüôą


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My word of the week is



This is because this week has been one of those weeks where everything seems to test me. Having panic attacks due to the dread of things that I don’t feel too uncomfortable. ¬†That I feel the situation is more unhelpful then helpful. Luckily now at the end of the week that problem has been addressed and I feel so relived and much much calmer in myself.

In other news the day I think Tuesday when we were blessed with the major wind which on 16th floor is somewhat incredible to be surrounded by. Hubby thought it would be a good idea to open our balcony door to do something outside and whosh the door fell off. So we have it boarded up as the hinge and have been informedthat it can take up to two weeks to resolve, what a ball ache!

At thr end of the week we had the doom of paying the car insurance leaving us a little tight for cash. But so looking forward to the weekend where I can relax a bit more.

However on a brighter note I got to see my eldest at nursery while he was having reading time and so lobvelky to see. Now he is that little bit older he will listen to books been read and really enjoy it! He absolutely loves books and it is one of my pleasures to read with him. He is delayed in his speech so have found reading to really help encourage his pronunciation and awareness for syllables.

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This week I took the plunge and immigrated over from Blogger to the wonderful WordPress. I can confirm it is the best decision I have made. I have been humming and arring for awhile now but not being massive techie person was scared incase it all goes tits up. I have written my reasons why if you haven’t you might want to come over to WordPress.


  1. There is freedom with WordPress over Blogger. Google owns blogger site and you will need a google email to sign up. Blogger does have the advantage of having Google+ as social media platform to promote your work.  whereas WordPress gives you control and flexibility to chose in what you want to do. Blogger is a lot easier in terms of understanding but WordPress gives you choice of of design without being restricted. I suppose as more people opt for WordPress over Blogger then there are more people designing different themes which then entails more choice.
  2. Blogger is basic but it did help me when I first started when I had limited knowledge of web design or anything about how to set up a blog. But it is limited with lack of plugins and  designs making it harder to give that personal touch. Though you do have Google ads if you want to make some money which is really simple to set up through Blogger.
  3. You don’t know how safe Google is as if someone reported some material of yours for ¬†plagiarism, Google has the right to put your website down. So ownership is an important factor when considering the platform you want. As it would heartbreaking if you lost your posts.
  4. It is really easy to transfer material over and domain name to WordPress so even if you started out on Blogger it is doable to swap over if you wish without hassle free complications.
  5. Since using WordPress I found it much easier to understand and set up my own design the way I want it rather then having the urgeto smash my face in (which I felt frequently when using Blogger). If I wanted to do alot of changes to Blogger I needed a PC which was not convenient for me especially as I found it so time consuming.
  6. Overal,  I think Blogger is a simple platform and great for a starting point when starting out but it is restricted with ownership, design and control. WordPress is more complex with understanding but once you learn how to get around the site you can create a unique and personal design with being flexible and open to what ever you want. Not to mention the wealth of how to videos on YouTube making it easier to understand WordPress and giving you the confidence to experiment.

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Mummy and Me #2

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Here are some recent selfies of me and the Boys for you to have a look at.
It is a miracle that for once I have a non blurry picture of me and my DS2. He normally loves going for the lens but I like this shot as we look relaxed and just messing around at home.
I love this photo of me and my boys. Almost got us all looking in the right direction, we all know how hard that challenge is when they are young ūüėČ
Yes I was caught of guard when this photo was taken and a little bit worn out. But still keeping entertainment resumed nontheless.
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Well, well, well what do we have here? My son being a pain the arse with his food at the moment, most frustrating! He just does not want to use cutlery even though I know that he can do it, he just refusesto do use them. Well at least I don’t have to bother with the guilt of messy play, he has already done it ūüėČ

Why you little…

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Grab a free cuddly cow and diary

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I don’t know about you but I love a freebie and what better then a handy diary and cuddly cow perfect for mums. All you need to do is follow the link below which will direct you to the regiester to the Cow and Gate baby club where you can get your mitts on these goodies.
C&G baby club makes the perfect companion in your amazing journey from bump to baby. So go on join up and where you can find great support and knowledge about parenthood.
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Crazy Golfing

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At the weekend I took both my boys crazy golfing at our local park where you can loan balls and clubs.

My eldest lad has been waiting a long time for this treat. He had to earn his rewards and get twenty stickers after doing good behaviour. So it was really special for them.

It was cold that day but that did not stop us having fun.
I found with golf that it you need good co-ordination and I be honest it is not a skill I’m very good at. That is why it was great having hubby come along too and join in.
I was impressed with how well my son attention is getting as he is not know for sitting still for a long time.
It was flexible and we had plenty of time to pot the balls so we could take our time and not rush
Golfing is also good for helping learn patience and turning taken within reason when you have two toddlers in hand. It was a great way to spend an afternoon and definately recommend it of you want something to do outdoors.




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Ten misconceptions about depression

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I have lived with depression for years, though some days are better then others but it is hard to live with. There is always that one person who makes a snap judgement when really they are quite ignorant and have no idea of what a battle it is to live with depression. Here is my top ten misconceptions about depression that I have meet over the years.

  1. A golden oldie, all you need to do is snap right out of it. yeah, if it was that simple to just click my fingers and it the depression would disappear. At my darkest episode I was healthy, eating well, exercising a lot and going out but I still felt shit. I did everything to make these dreading feeling and fear go away with no avail.
  2. Drugs don’t work,¬†well actually that may be so and it may be down to thoughts but then thoughts are in the mind. Drugs have worked successfully for some people including myself and I have seen evidence of it impacitng my quality of life. It does not earse everything but it reduces the immediate effects and helps lift you up to help you think more clearly and logically.
  3. Depreession is attention seeking,¬†maybe so for some people but when I had depression in the begining I was ashamed and didn’t tell anyone and hid away in my deep dark world behind closed doors.
  4. Depression means your weak, far from it as you are living will this illness and having to deal with all the extra work it brings. It is very trying and you really lose your motivation to just do anything. Getting through it is pure hard work more then anyone would know.
  5. Depression is the same as sadness, wrong sadness is short lived with feelings of low. Compare that to depression which sucks all your energy, self destructive at times suicidal battle for long periods all day and night is a hell of a different story.
  6. Depression is a result of stressful events,¬†well that can be the case in some situations as we can’t rule out the environmental factors. But you have to hear in mind that hormones, brain activity and genes also play a role in depression.
  7. It’s not really an illness, there has been¬†evidence showning differences between areas of the brain that have less activity in contrast with brains of non-depressives.
  8. It’s all in the mind,¬†sometimes yes but like point 6 there many factors that can not be ruled at as well when debating about where depression comes from.
  9. Talking about it only makes it worse, yes it can stir up bad emotions but it can help some people talk about feelings can help bring stuff to the surface and work through them emotions attached to issues. What you have to bear in mind is we are all different and what works for one does not neceesarily work for another.
  10. You don’t have depression if you are happy,¬†well I disagree as I can have spikes up and down and all over the place. Sometimes I don’t know whether I am coming or going.

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It’s Tuesday and I am exhausted. I have started to feel like I want to flop with the amount of new information I am constantly been put on me. Not to mention the addition social interactions that have increased causing me to feel overwhelmed.I am also doing a parent course which incorporates each week changes in behaviour, not always easy and over time can be quite daughting especially if I don’t instantly get it. Parenting is so hard, I appreciate it is for everyone but grrrrr I’m frustrated and what smash my head in ¬†(I won’t though too much blood to clean up!).

I forget sometimes how for most people having a three hour session sat with a support  worker involving talking and wondering round shops can drain me.

I have such a small resources to cope and I have to be careful to look after myself. Don’t get me wrong I have come along way through my autism journey. Where once I hated shopping and constantly have Meltdowns in busy places. Not to mention the fact I hated being around people I would avoid any social contact causing me to lock myself away in my home. Now I can go out and meet people albeit extremely draining after where I need to collapse and recuperate for a good few hourss. I¬†can’t tell you how my body aches after trying to take every word, look at all the detail is for me but it sure is exhausting.

I don’t know what the score is with other aspies but I am constantly trying to balance my life where I am not over stimulated but furthermore not under stimulated. This is a big battle for me as I feel like I am constantly swinging the cradle back and for. I still haven’t met that perfect amount of stimulation and I’m not sure if I ever will. Sometimes I feel like this is part of my disability. However, I am trying to not go overboard on either side particularly draining all my energy as by the end of the week I lose all my motivation to get up and go.

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Sunny trees

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We took the boys to the park earlier this week. It is a lovely park with beautiful surroundings and I particularly love the trees. It does have stunning sunsets but I love the way thr sun hides behind the trees. It was a cold afternoon but was lovely to see the sun go down for the night and great to capture a stunning moment.




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