Why I don’t do New Years resolution

Hey readers,

As we are swiftly approaching the end of the year and 2016 will be here soon people instantly want to make new year resolutions. I know the whole idea that ‘it’s a new year, new me’ thing but new year resolutions are just not my cup of tea. I appreciate that New Years resolutions can be a motivation to help change something you desire. But I shall tell you why for me I don’t do them.

1) I hate having to set something with strict rules. Little rebellious child in me wants to do everything other then that.

2) I find it hard to see a big expectation such as lose X amount of weight.
visualisation is not my strongest point and if I did set a deadline and fail along the way I want to give up straight away. I like small achieveable steps without the boundaries put into place.

3) From past experience when I have done New Years resolutions I fail at the first hurtle it CAN make the situation worse. This is because my mood is dwindled and have no get up go so more likely to sink into the undesired behaviour even more.

4) Because my desired behaviour is deep seated it can take a long time to change. I am one of them people who get frustrated when I don’t see results therefore easier for me to want to quit. It takes a lot of will power which is not great as I am a depressive and find New Year a trigger time for feeling low in mood. I have to be careful as I can slip into the destructive mindset as for me I feel this time of year is alll about reflection.

5) I believe that I can be impulsive for a chance and can make quick decisions without thinking. But lets face it most of the resolutions made on the wimp and unrealistic and I too sent the benchmark to high. I find insight and awareness is key elements in helping contribute to  change in behaviour. It’s ok to want to change but fully understanding the behaviour and why you do something is also key to  success.

Thank you for reading X

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6 thoughts on “Why I don’t do New Years resolution

  1. I'm with you, I don't do new year's resolutions too! I don't like to commit… if we want to change something in our life, we can make some changes anytime of the year anyway, doesn't have to be at the start of the year. Lovely post! #mg


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