Sugar withdrawals

Hey readers

Hope you had a lovely Christmas with toys, food and family. But now that Christmas is practically finished with and the overindulgence is passing this will be a hard period for me to beat. You ask yourself why, Well let me tell you I have over indulged again and now going back to no chocolate is going kill me. I am addicted to sugar most of my life and gorge on it a lot. This period after such a heavy use of sugar is so dame hard. So I thought I would write some tips to help ease the pain and help get back on track.

1) Go cold turkey, set a day and get rid of the rubbish food. You feel guilty or find it challenging but you are gaining control so well done on this.

2) Identify when cravings appear in your day. I find that I get sugar cravings when I have a dip in the afternoon. Or when I am tired or need sugar to lift me up. Or in the evening when I am bored. Look for distractions to take your mind of craving sugar. Whether that be writing a blog post, playing a game or painting your nails can help you focus on something other food. 

3) Learn to swap your food for something better foodwise. For example, instead of using sugar in your beverages swap for sweetener, instead of full fat milk use semi-skimmed milk. Add more vegetables instead of meat and have yogurt as opposed to ice cream. 

4) Don’t go shopping on a empty stomach, it will easier to resist the temptation. Plus you are prepared and therefore you feel more in control. Then in turn will get you more motivated to say no and stay away from the naughties.

5) To break a habit it can take up to 21 days on average, although each day will get a little easier. It is good to have mantras when your brain is arguing for and against sugar. Remembering that you own your thoughts and you are in control of your actions.

Hope this helps 🙂

Cheers for reading X


3 thoughts on “Sugar withdrawals

  1. I am still in the midst of eating up all the goodies in the house for I hate to throw food away….but all that has not been eaten by January 1st will either be put in the trash or bagged up and given to the needy man downtown. December has been a bad month for me and I must get my fat arse back on track. Thanks for the tips! #justanotherlinky


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