My top 5 things I love about Christmas

Hey readers,

As we are vastly approaching Christmas in three sleeps time (eek) I thought I would get a Christmas post done. 

Now I be honest I do find this time of year the hardest as I have disability which impacts me mentally especially when it involves socialising. But like everything in life I believe there is something good. So here is my take on the things I love at Christmas time.

  1. I love soft lighting and seeing all the decorations in the evening. I find it peaceful to look at as most are soft and subtle and not too darish. 
  2. Candles and dark nights with getting cost on the couch. I know this is bit whatever but I do appreciate these times. It is a time for me to slow down and relax.
  3. I enjoy Christmas movies (well more movies at Christmas time then actual Christmas movies). But again it is a time to slow down especially when it is dark and from outside and cuddle up under throws with my boys. 
  4. The feeling after I have done the mammoth task of all the ‘social stuff’ thrn can I truely relax. I am not that anti-social but it is really stressful for me to see people I don’t see often and deal with all the niceties. Plus I have to be careful with what I say as I can  sometimes not be sensitive and have to put this filter on me. Which is so dame hard under the pressure. That it is nice when I can close the doors and enjoy Christmas with the people I can about the most and not be paranoid every two seconds.
  5. I can be indulgent and not have to worry about the diet until afterwards. I can have some treats without stressing out about it. I have learnt to just do the things I like to do which  Includes going for a walk on Christmas day. 
And relax……

Cheers for reading X 

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