This time of year

Hey readers,

Why do I feel guilty if I wrote anything that is not happy or jolly and meeting perfection. Life is not like and defiantly not in my autistic world. But I am going write it down for you to read and understand an adult autistic person.

Argh, this week gearing up to Christmas is so dame hard with the changes and chaos making me feel disorientated. I forget how mentally exhausting it is and all I want to so is slip in  my bed and hide away. All I can hear is noise and light, I love light but soft lighting not the blurring  ones. Everywhere I go makes makes my head spin so much I think I am falling everywhere. The meltdowns are increasing and it is getting me right down. I have to put a smile on my face and focus on my children but so hard with all these social rules and fakery. 

My husband is the type to follow the social rule to the T and worries a lot about what people think and how we should behave. It is so frustrating trying to live in a Nt world and feel so confused.
 This time of year is the hardest, I know very cliché but it is true. We still have only nine days but I will be glad when I can cloe the door from the world and just have to worry about what crap is on TV. 
I just wish things could slow down a bit and not be so bright and touchy touchy. I wish people weren’t rushing around and times changing and my routine out of sync.

Cheers for reading X

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7 thoughts on “This time of year

  1. I know how overwhelming it is for my children so it was interesting to read about an adult's point of view. Good luck for the rest of Christmas, I hope you find a way to manage and enjoy the rest of the period. Thanks for sharing #SpectrumSunday


  2. Really great to read this from an adult's point of view. I wrote my post this week more about children on the spectrum dealing with Christmas so it's great to see how accurate a lot of the things I wrote were. I hope you don't become too overloaded and get a chance for some down time.#SpectrumSunday


  3. Hayden has had a really unsettled December, and reading this makes it easier to understand why. Whilst he does get excited, I don't know if he understands much as to why. It's nearly all over now! I hope it didn't get too tough for you! Thank you for linking up to #spectrumsunday. I really hope you join me again this week xx


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