Snowmen {craft}

Hey readers,

Here is a really easy peasy arty craft you can do with toddlers and it is not that messy,whoop!

What you will need
  • Paper –  I chose black, but the world is your oyster.
  • Glue stick.
  • Cotton wool balls.


  • Firstly pre allowing the children to get involved draw a snowman. I just looked up on Google ‘stencil of a snowman ‘ and you can get basic template of one. Don’t worry if your not good at drawing all you need to is a simple outline of a snowman!
  • Then allow the kiddilwinks to glue thee snowman’s tummy area and stick down the cotton wool balls. Be warned they love to stick the glue and balls anywhere. But that does not matter as long as you are having fun doing it.
  • There you have a great piece of child’s art and takes less than five minutes. Because the is how long my children can manage. You have had fun and it can be used as a personal gift, which everyone loves!

Thanks for reading X

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