Parents Excuses

Hey readers,

You know reaching parenthood has come with its bonuses which are none other then being able to use of our children as excuses to get out of things without the need to feel guilty for doing so. Here are my top ten list of excuses that I allow you to use if needed for an emergency to get out of something or if your going to be late without the need of having a panic over the situation.
  1. I’m late because the toddler has done a massive poo just when I was walking out of the door hence why I am late.
  2. I can’t make it today as I have to cuddle and watch a film with the poorly boy and he is not in the best mood for company. 
  3. I am sorry I look a mess but the toddler loves to smear his snot/food/drink down me so kindly. You would not believe that I got changed today but there is no point putting on clean clothes as it will pointless.
  4. I can have ten coffeesin one go because I hardly had any sleep and  need this to keep me functioning like a human being.
  5. I can’t make today as my son has decided to vomit everywhere including all in his hair, bed and on me.
  6. Sorry can’t make today as my son decided to lock us out when chucking out thr rubbish and now I have to wait for my husband to come back to let me in.
  7. I am going have to give today a miss because my son has very lose bowels and he is having a date with the toilet.
  8. Today I an just too tired from getting up a million times and just too damed sleep deprived.
  9. My son is struggling with terrible twos and is having protests all the way to our meeting none stop therefore will be late and not in a good mood. 
  10. Today my son has found some pens and covered himself in ink. I will be late due to cleaning the Ink regiments off.

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16 thoughts on “Parents Excuses

  1. All parents need a stock list of excuses. I just wish some of these were actual “excuses” rather than things that have actually happened to me…especially the poo one – how do they ALWAYS know when it's time to leave?!Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS


  2. I love your little picture quote at the bottom! So true and so funny. I have no excuses anymore as to why I don't leave the house other than I just don't like dragging three toddlers everywhere. I hate the stares of people at the store when I have to run into them with the cart on purpose (the children that is) cause I have already told them three times to get out of the way. Yep toddlers are a joy. I am visiting from #abitofeverything. 💌Trista


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