It’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas

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Last week we went out as a family to our local Christmas market in our city centre. We decided to go in the evening as I think it feels a bit more special with the lights on in the nighttime.
There was a big wheel ride that my son was desperate to go on. However, I joined him and naively was not expecting it too go quite so fast! You see I have never been on anything like a ferris wheel before. It is a little nerve racking as it is quite fast and I may have been a bit screamish. These added to my son enjoying it more and finding it ever so hilarious, checky monkey. It also gave us spectacular views across the city and lovely to see a place that you visit regularly from a different point of view.
We also looked around of the array of different goodies in the wooden huts but most attractive for both my boys was seeing the light display on the floor where they would dance about, simple pleasures.
We also took in all the different Christmas lights. It was a nice to relax and have a wonderful time without feeling like a headless chicken amoungst the Mayhem.
However, we did found a Christmas tree which was wonderful with a fuller shape and glittery branches. The tree we brought was something slightly different to what we had before.
Even though there are a lot of places with these type of Christmas markets. It was delightful to feel like being part of something especially as it felt family orientated. People were enjoying the music and just generally having a good time so it was good to soak it. It was great to just enjoy the fact that my sons could simply be free to play and have fun. They loved chasing each other through the lights and it was felt good that I could be laidback without the fear of having to get back home for a certain time. It was also a chance to spend together as a family as we are not always together and my son enjoys it when we are together as a unit. Even though it was nothing out of this world it was good fun to spend time together doing simething a little different and create memories.

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