The power of crying

Hey readers,

I don’t know about you but when I reach tipping point I have a habit of crying non-stop until I collapse and fall asleep. This does not happen often as I would very, very, very tired. Crying is so tiring and drains you of all your resources. Somehow I manage to find crying  on the other hand very theraputic and a relief just to let all out.
This weekend has been intense, long relentless parenting where hubby has hardly been around. Let me honest I find it hellishly difficult when there is no central heating, can’t wash up, so the place is cold. It is a mess with everything everywhere due to diy and the sense of no order has gone. I relay on order and routine a lot to help me get through the days. There had been several nights now where the boys have gone to bed really late and it just feels long, hard,challenging and emotional. I feel suffocated and it really has an effect on me. I feel shameful for feeling this way like I want to be a really good mother but fail terrible. One could argue that life is not perfect and that the journey is bumpy before we reach our destination. I love my boys but I also need my space for my wellbeing too. I think it is important to look after your own needs and be selfish sometimes.
I am my own worst enemy as I  keep seeing wonderful things everywhere but I have little motivation, I am tired and it drags me down.
However, I cry I can feel a sense of calmness that clears my head and helps make way for logical and practical thinking.  I can challenge my murky dark thoughts and recognise that this is a short period and it will pass and maybe feel more confident as a mother.
I used to think crying was awful failure and that I was just stupid and pathetic. But now part of me loves that cleansing process and feels like my body wants to restore equilibrium even when I feel broken.

That is what I love about nature is that some how we find a way to get out of the shit though it is not always the right way we get there hopefully and one day we look back and thing it is not as bad as we thought.
Cheers for reading X
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5 thoughts on “The power of crying

  1. Don't feel shameful about it! I think we all feel like that at times – I certainly do! Crying can be such a great way of just letting it all out. I came home from work a few weeks back to find the house an absolute bombsite and just broke down sobbing, baby screaming along with me. But once it was all over I felt like I could actually do something about it! 🙂 #KCACOLS


  2. Oh lovely I'm so sorry to hear that you have been through this but please don't feel bad about crying! I feel the same way than you! Crying for me is a away to let all the bad things out of your system!! It is normal and it is a good way to then start fresh again. I love that you are sharing this to us!! I hope you are feeling better. Thamks so much for joining me this week at #KCACOLS. I'm so happy to have you for the first time. I hope you like the linky! 🙂 xx


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