Chill out Saturday Evening

Hey readers,
Oh it’s so cold and dark now with the weather that some nights after putting the kids to bed I can’t get the energy to move. So, once a week I make sure I have some time to relax and have a little luxury in my life. Here is my top five affordable ways to treat  yourself:
1) firstly having a super long hot shower and pruning session, haha.
2) getting a face mask (which I am really loving at the moment). I am partial to a dead Sea one which I feel is so refreshing on the skin and definitely feel the effects the following morning. I feel like my pores and skin have had a jolly good workout and it feels wonderfully clean.
3) Putting on a decent film that I really like or presently the new serious of the Bridge on BBC 4 that I can get stuck into and escape.
4) Having a luxurious full fat hot chocolate made with milk as a pose to options light hot chocolate, bloody diets!.
5) finally getting snuggly with the candles and throws and getting at least one day a week an early night.
Cheers for reading X
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