Zoflora (A Review)

Hey readers,

I was given two Zoflora disinfectant to test out. Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs. It is also gets rid of bad smells and can give freshness to cleaning. You can find more information about the brand here – Zoflora.
I chose the Linen which is a beautiful uplifting aroma that can raideate freshness within the home. The other disenfectant I chose was Winter Morning which is great for this  time of year. With the winter one it has a very strong smell of lovely rich berry flavours of the Winter Morning which is great for adding a chriatmassy feels to the home.

I found the disinfectant perfect for my floors to clean. I used a cupful of the disinfectant and diluted down to give a really good clean. My floor came up perfect and it didn’t leave a sticky overdue like some products do. Though I would be caution using this product around children, I did my cleaning whilst my boys were asleep at night as they are type of child to want to explore and touch the cleaner. It can be a pain but the benefits are rewarding.
Alternatively, I put about 40ml into my washing machine and it give a real through clean of my washing machine. Afterwards the freshness odur stayed a long time inside the washing machine. Which I personally found it makes the job of washing clothing a lot more pleasant and give the feeling of fresher.
I definitely recommend this product as a great generally disinfectant and does great job of cleaning the germs and filthy mess children leave constantly.  It is also great at using in a diverse range of cleaning areas such as kitchen, bathroom, drains, taps, potties and dishcloths.
There are a variety of different types of aromas you can chose. Plus it is reasonably priced which is ideal as I get through a lot of cleaning with children.

Cheers for reading X

I was given the products on exchange for review. However, all views expressed are entirely my own.
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