Coventry Transport Museum

Hey readers,
As a reasonable cheap day out we headed to our local museum called Coventry Transport Museum. It is brilliant as it is situated in the city centre.
The museum showcases the history of Coventry car factory collection with a variety of road transport memorabilia for all to view.  There is several displays going through the different decades and changes that has happened over time.
It is a great place to explore for all ages and it is very interactive and child friendly. There are over 240 cars and commercial vehicles. Not to mention 100 motorcycles and 200 byclcles. There are many Coventry based built cars such as Jaguar and Triumph. There is also on display the notable Thrust2 and the Thrust SCC which broke the land speed record in 1993 and 1997.
We were also lucky on Saturday to visit Santa’s sleigh ride which has just moved in the new location due to sad closure of the Co-Op this year. This is a very traditional affair for Covetarians and I even remember doing the exact same thing as a child.  It has spanned 60 years so it really does hold fund memories for locals. 
The first part of the experience is going on the  3D sleigh ride to laplide to Santa. It is in a dark room creating an exciting and fun ambience to get you  geared up for a fun adventure. My kids were super excited and loved the ride. We then went round the corridor to see Santa in his grotto which was full of presents and a typical backdrop of Christmas paraphernalia. There centre stage sat Father Christmas and my boys were so excited.  When the time came for them to have a talk and a photo with Santa my eldest was not impressed. Typical, why can’t they be performing seals. Still I have a semi OK photo and they loved a gift each. 
They loved the whole atmosphere especially with all the twinkly trees and decorations on show outside the room.
I would definitely recommend as a special treat and though it cost £5 for children. which I don’t thing is bad with the whole experience compared to others I have visit.
We then carried on to the special forces displays which my DS1 is mad hot on especially fire enginees. Both my boys loved playing with the telephones on display and it was great for entertainment and them to stop for one minute.
Overall, it is a great experience was just the right amount time especially in this weather to visit.

Waiting to see Santa.

On the sleigh ride.

Got his present so he is off…

Classic blurry Christmas shot, haha.

One happy boy!

Pretty Christmas backdrop.

I am dreaming of a white Christmas.
One boy and his hoop.

Brum brum.

Hello, is it me your calling for?!

Hello, hello, hello, what do we have here?

This is the best taxi ever, free!!!


This one will do mummy 😉

Cheers for reading X
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11 thoughts on “Coventry Transport Museum

  1. It looks really festive! Must have got you and the boys really in the mood. The cars must have been great – so many fun photo ops for you! I'm not far from Cov so maybe a place to venture to when my girlie is a little older. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon x


  2. The sleigh ride looks fun and fantastic that they got to meet santa and receive a little gift. Impressed that your little one is on santa's knee, neither of mine will do that yet. Transport museums are great fun, so many different things to see.Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  3. yes it is perfect and a great day out for the boys, they love running around exploring. Yes you must as it a great day out and free, plus they have a lovely coffee shop attached 😉


  4. thank you, I was quite shocked and surprised my eldest was non-compliant. Still there their own people. Yes there was plenty to see and interact with which is prefect for toddlers X


  5. Awww your photos are so cute! I can't wait until my little one gets excited over Christmas and to meet Santa!!! So typical that they got excited at first and then shy when it came to meet him. My one is exactly the same in social situations.Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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