Tiredness is a killer

Hey readers,
Why is it whdn you plan to do something that is really fun and a brillant idea that it goes it goes complete balls up!
So here I am setting up a fun arts and craft activity with my boys and my youngest is not in the best moods. I suppose wakening him up in the middle of a snooze is not the best idea. However, on the other side of the coin my other child was getting irritated and wanted something different to do in the afternoon. God it is hard balancing the care for two children at different stages. Pass me the bar of chocolate.

Fucking not touching this because you  did not allow me an uber long sleep, you will pay!


Cheers for reading X

16 thoughts on “Tiredness is a killer

  1. Great caption!! I love that they're mega grumpy if we wake them from a nap but when they wake us in the middle of the night? We're supposed to not be bloody grumpy! FFS #wickedwednesdays


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