Ways to Reduce Stress

Hey readers,
We all know that parents can have it’s ups and downs and trying to find that balance is always a tricky one. One of the key things for me as a parent that I feel is essential is the need to relax as beneficial factors for me and my family.

  • If it helps take five/ten minutes if you have a partner or someone to take the kids. It is amazingly small break but so effective with just getting away from the situation and helping you think clearly.
  • Take up something that you enjoy that is not child related, such as reading a magazine, reading a book or even colouring in. All therapeutic and it can give you some more meaning to your life other then the role of the mother.Having a walk even it is around the block can be really beneficial on your mental wellbeing. Also, it is great exercise and can make you feel more calm as I get quite claustrophobic and need to get away from the feeling of the four walls creeping in on me.
  •  Routine is  a beautiful thing, not just because I am autistic but can help breakdown the day. It can make the day feel not so daughting and kids love routine.Watch something  funny – good for your soul and can increase them serotonin hormones making you feel a whole lot better.
  •  Learn to delegate, you can’t do everything yourself no person is perfect we all have a faults, even superman! Even if it is not just doing one thing and letting someone else do it can help ease the pressure.
  • Learn to switch off the devices, I am sure we are all guilty of this sometimes. One simple things to do is not take your technology to bed. Set a certain time at night to turn it off. Studies have shown that if you turn your phone off or whatever technological device you use an hour before bed it can increase your quality of sleep and reduce insomnia. Which the can reduced stress because you think  more logical with having a break and some rest. 
  • Eating habits I believe pay a big role on mood. I am not a saint (I have bad eating habits as far to say I have an  addiction to sugar so know about this battle far too well). But just keeping a diary to monitor what you eat, it is a so easy to forget what you eat. Making simple chances like reducing ther amount of sugar foer examole having one sugar instead of two. Another great chance is swapping  full sugar coke for diet coke. Simple changes but can really help with your mood and how you feel about your self.
  • Being realistic with your ideas as a parent, being kind to your self and focusing on the good. Making a list of the positive stuff in your life is a way to reflect and see it in black and white. When their is so much noise going on in your head it can bog you down and you don’t know weather you are coming and going.  
Hope this helps and Thank you for reading X
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The List
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21 thoughts on “Ways to Reduce Stress

  1. Now his is a post that I really needed to read right now! Great tips. I love routine too and hate it when things change like this week it has been such a challenge having our bathroom out of action! My son has PDD nos and I often think I share some characteristics with him. #twinklytuesday


  2. A great list. I love routine too. I really struggle to do things which I don't always want to do, like exercise or blog if I don't make it part of my daily routine. I agree with the mobile device thing too. It is hard to switch off when it's near as there's always something happening online.Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x


  3. Aah this is SUCH a great list! YES to so many of them!! People say that babies/kids like routine but actually *adults* do too!! My life is SO much easier when we all know what we're doing!! Thanks so much for linking up with us on #TwinklyTuesday


  4. Switching off my devices and fresh air work well for me, but different things work for different people. A great list. Routine is the other one – I like routine. It's a good thing!


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