Hey readers,
The word that sums up my week is:

This week has seen the return of my eldest going back to nursery after the half term. Boy has it really affected him with tiredness. I have found a bit.difficult to handle as he has been beyond tired and very emotional.
I am currently on a parentimg course to help mange the way I parent better. So I have incorporated a few changes such as putting less stimuli available for my eldest. This is because he finds it hard to wind down and therefore needs fewer distractions at night when he struggles the worst.
I have started with putting calming music on, toys away at a certain time, speaking whispers etc. We shall see how that goes as it is early days and I’ve honest it is hard work changing and trying to improve a situation especially have cognitive imparenments myself. Some days I wish there was a manual as it can be quite overwhelming for me.
I could not forget a big event happening in my life this week with my youngest going to nursery this week. He previously went to a different nursery before the summer hoildays but did not get the funding. This time we have found some funding which is great. He absolutely loves it and has settled in really well with no tears or anything. He used to the building as brother goes there and has already been in a similar setting which is a Bonus.   I just caught him today without his knowledge and it is lovely to watch and see how independent and how happy he is.
Cheers for reading X
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14 thoughts on “Nursery

  1. Ah, so pleased your little one has settled in so well. My son's due to start nursery in the new year, and I fear it may be a struggle. Your parenting course sounds useful, though I can imagine it's challenging, too. Hope it helps x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


  2. It's always a bonus if you can get parenting tips that really help you with any situation. We have the problem with post reception tiredness, too. They're so tired they cannot be reasoned with – that kind of tired! It's also lovely that both of yours are now in the same nursery. Mine are in the same school and for them, I think, it is reassuring that they can see their sibling throughout the dayHave a lovely week#WoTW


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