I Hate Housework (A book Review)

Hey readers,
I am writing a book review for : I Hate Housework by Clare Macnaughton, you can find more about the author and blog here – amodernmilitarymother.
This book is a complication of blog entrys dated back as long as 2010. It is about Clare who writes about her exoerience as a wife who’s husband is in the military and what that is like to raise children. 
One of the focuses in the book is feminism and questions such debates as the role who takes responsibility and equalitiy within a militialty household. A noticeable difference within a militatiy family is the changes when parents are here one minutes and town the next.   50% of the time Clare leads an almost single parent existence while who other half is away in the army.
 There are many feels that are fekt when reading the book. fruustration and envy especially is a strong feature as Clare  has a 24/7 job with no break compared to her husband who works a straight 12 hour shift with some of that time maybe just waiting around with out the demands that are attached to looking after children. I can imagine how frustrating it must be to know that the working parent can almost get a break from it all lolling around on the Internet at times. Though on the other hand having a partner in the military they are risking their life for our country and they are just waiting for that call.
The blogger gives great insight into the life of a military wife and the complexities of that lifestyle brings not to mention the lack of support from other military women. Thank God for the bloggingshere that gives independence, support and sense of identity.
The blog shares the highs and lows of what it is like to be a military wife such as going to a RAF days with the family and being together creating happy memories together. Compared to the low points whre there is a lot more demand, expectations and silent pressure to be a certain role within the family.  It asks the questions about equalitiy and who has the repsonability of caregiver in the family. There can be friction as well between the parents. Clare gets a sense of slavery with being the primary caregiver due too this idea of having to do the chores (which by the way she hates 😉 ) without no appreciation or reward for her efforts.
I now know more from reading the book about the complexities of a relationship between husband and wife in the military. Not to mention adding the responsibility of looking after a child and a new level of power I suppose.
Though, I personally don’t see war as a ‘man’ having battles with one another but rather feel power and greed have a role to play. But I except that I don’t know the ins and outs and that is merely my own interpretation.
I would recommend this book into the insights of power roles, relationships and ideas surrounding the modern feminist. Not least forgetting the power of the blogging world. I love the raw and unpolished thoughts that feel genuine that reach out from the writing. It gives you great insight in to the marriage and family life of the military household.
Thank you for reading X
I was given a copy of the book, but all views expressed in this post are all my own.
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