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Thinking back to the the beginning of motherhood I felt very emotional and scared about the feeling of the unknown and not knowing exactly what to do. So many feelings stired up particularly feeling scared and powerlessness.  However, I am not alone in thinking this way as Nurofen for Children asked a poll of 2,000 parents about their first time experiences found that 47% said that they were more worried about their child’s health over the safety.** I know myself that I would do anything to make sure my child was not in pain (obviously safely). Thank goodness for the internet where I could find reassurance and answers from others. This is echoed through the research by Nurofen for Children where one in five parents would seek out advice from other parents.** 
Overtime I would ride the storm and work out what is right for me and my child. I soon learnt quickly that every child is different and what works for one may not work for another.
When I reflect on the milestones I faced for the first time such as fever, teething and chicken pox I know one of the best interventions I used was Nurofen for Children as I know it helped ease the pain of my child.
Nurofen for Children reduces fever in fifteen minutes and can last up to eight hours. The retail recommend that you can use Nurofen for Children from the age of three months old right up to twelve years old. Nurofen for Children comes in orange and strawberry flavour which is child friendly and making it easier to administer without a meltdown over your child not wanting to take it. An additional benefit of Nurofen for Children is that it is sugar and colour free giving you that added reassurance of safety.
Going back to Nurofen for Children research nine out of ten parents would recommend Nurofen for Children to other parents therefore knowing you can trust the brand to help ease the discomfort of your child through them difficult periods.
On a final note despite the overwhelming feeling of being a new parent ,  A majority of mums (83%) say that the positive aspects outweigh the negative and that becoming a mum is the best thing the have ever done. *
Neurofen for Children, strawberry flavour (suitable frkn aged three months till nine years)
Neurofen for Children, Orange flavour (suitable from aged three months until twelve years).
You can find more out about Neurofen for Children here – Nurofen for Children
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* Survey of 2,000 mums by One Poll, commissioned by Nurofen for Children (October 2013).
 ** Survey of 2,000 parents with a baby under 6 years old, commissioned by Nurofen for Children (May 2014)

The power of crying

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I don’t know about you but when I reach tipping point I have a habit of crying non-stop until I collapse and fall asleep. This does not happen often as I would very, very, very tired. Crying is so tiring and drains you of all your resources. Somehow I manage to find crying  on the other hand very theraputic and a relief just to let all out.
This weekend has been intense, long relentless parenting where hubby has hardly been around. Let me honest I find it hellishly difficult when there is no central heating, can’t wash up, so the place is cold. It is a mess with everything everywhere due to diy and the sense of no order has gone. I relay on order and routine a lot to help me get through the days. There had been several nights now where the boys have gone to bed really late and it just feels long, hard,challenging and emotional. I feel suffocated and it really has an effect on me. I feel shameful for feeling this way like I want to be a really good mother but fail terrible. One could argue that life is not perfect and that the journey is bumpy before we reach our destination. I love my boys but I also need my space for my wellbeing too. I think it is important to look after your own needs and be selfish sometimes.
I am my own worst enemy as I  keep seeing wonderful things everywhere but I have little motivation, I am tired and it drags me down.
However, I cry I can feel a sense of calmness that clears my head and helps make way for logical and practical thinking.  I can challenge my murky dark thoughts and recognise that this is a short period and it will pass and maybe feel more confident as a mother.
I used to think crying was awful failure and that I was just stupid and pathetic. But now part of me loves that cleansing process and feels like my body wants to restore equilibrium even when I feel broken.

That is what I love about nature is that some how we find a way to get out of the shit though it is not always the right way we get there hopefully and one day we look back and thing it is not as bad as we thought.
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Hope you are well. My word of the week would be:
This is because I have been challenged with getting out of my comfort zone and practising positive steps to become more confident and help improve my behaviour. I have autism (as you probably well aware) but one of my downfalls is communication particularly when asking for help such as asking on the bus where such and such stops at. Or when I am in a shop asking if they have a certain thing in stock.
Also, building my confidence by going in public areas where my social anxiety is heightened. I have a key worker now who helps try and progress with goals that I made to achieve.
However, my anxiety has been high due to the start of this intervention which I accept is natural but it has an affect on my patience and parenting. And sometimes I struggle when say my son had a meltdown when he is overly tired. But hopefully with time I can be a better mummy and be a bit more relaxed.

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Chill out Saturday Evening

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Oh it’s so cold and dark now with the weather that some nights after putting the kids to bed I can’t get the energy to move. So, once a week I make sure I have some time to relax and have a little luxury in my life. Here is my top five affordable ways to treat  yourself:
1) firstly having a super long hot shower and pruning session, haha.
2) getting a face mask (which I am really loving at the moment). I am partial to a dead Sea one which I feel is so refreshing on the skin and definitely feel the effects the following morning. I feel like my pores and skin have had a jolly good workout and it feels wonderfully clean.
3) Putting on a decent film that I really like or presently the new serious of the Bridge on BBC 4 that I can get stuck into and escape.
4) Having a luxurious full fat hot chocolate made with milk as a pose to options light hot chocolate, bloody diets!.
5) finally getting snuggly with the candles and throws and getting at least one day a week an early night.
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Zoflora (A Review)

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I was given two Zoflora disinfectant to test out. Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs. It is also gets rid of bad smells and can give freshness to cleaning. You can find more information about the brand here – Zoflora.
I chose the Linen which is a beautiful uplifting aroma that can raideate freshness within the home. The other disenfectant I chose was Winter Morning which is great for this  time of year. With the winter one it has a very strong smell of lovely rich berry flavours of the Winter Morning which is great for adding a chriatmassy feels to the home.

I found the disinfectant perfect for my floors to clean. I used a cupful of the disinfectant and diluted down to give a really good clean. My floor came up perfect and it didn’t leave a sticky overdue like some products do. Though I would be caution using this product around children, I did my cleaning whilst my boys were asleep at night as they are type of child to want to explore and touch the cleaner. It can be a pain but the benefits are rewarding.
Alternatively, I put about 40ml into my washing machine and it give a real through clean of my washing machine. Afterwards the freshness odur stayed a long time inside the washing machine. Which I personally found it makes the job of washing clothing a lot more pleasant and give the feeling of fresher.
I definitely recommend this product as a great generally disinfectant and does great job of cleaning the germs and filthy mess children leave constantly.  It is also great at using in a diverse range of cleaning areas such as kitchen, bathroom, drains, taps, potties and dishcloths.
There are a variety of different types of aromas you can chose. Plus it is reasonably priced which is ideal as I get through a lot of cleaning with children.

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I was given the products on exchange for review. However, all views expressed are entirely my own.
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Santa Claws

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Last weekend I took both my boys (by myself, stressed and tired mummy). The result is:

Yep DS1 was not co-operative, I mean I thought children were performing seals right?! 😉 I was not a manic mummy (yeah right) All flustered going mentally over the top euthastic, “go on stand next to Santa so I go show daddy later”. Yeah right the little sod!

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