Spider craft

Hey readers,

As it is Halloween coming up nearly I thought I would do a Halloween themed art craft with the boys.
Today we had a go at making creepy crawly spiders. I may add though that it take us two days as it was best to wait for the paint to dry.

To make the spiders you will need:

  • White paper plates
  • Pipe cleaners (8 for each spider) 
  • Paint (Crayola I recommend as it is brillant to clean of and cleabs up straight away)
  • Paint brushes/sponges 
  • Googly eyes (bigger ones for little tots are better as you don’t want to worry about chocking). 

The items required.
Obviously it is your choice where you get the items from but most poundland, home bargains, wilkinsons are cheap for the items.
  1. Firstly get prepared (I learnt the hard way) get all the items together prior letting toddlers know what I am doing. Then get a mat cover the floor or table for protection against any spillages.  
  2. Paint the plates with desired colours. 
  3. Next day glue the eyes down on the plate.
  4. Add the pipe cleaners, four on each side and attach them to the plate with sticky tape. 
     Here are the boys painting their spiders. 

And here are the final products. 

Cheers for reading X 

Monkey and Mouse

6 thoughts on “Spider craft

  1. These look great! Your boys must be proud of their Halloween spiders. Did you hang them up in the window last night? I love easy crafts like this, O needs things that are quick and easy or he'll get bored.Thanks so much for linking up to #HowtoSunday 🙂 x


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