Drop fall cry

Hey readers,

Check this out:

Now I must confess I was luckily enough not to have wiynessed this but daddy had the lovely task. He did a beautiful capture of my son mid tantrum. Also this occurred outside a collage and the reason he has so epically fallen to the floor is because he was told NO he could not go pushing around the doors that go  round and round. He is now two but we were blessed with my son tantums early. I’m just thankful that I got to miss it this time as he is with me alot. Phew, as I am rubbish and turn into a panicking mess especially when everyone is staring and asking if he is ok. 
Cheers for reading X


8 thoughts on “Drop fall cry

  1. Ah, so normal (sadly). I remember my biggest being the same. I got quite good at carrying him under one arm mid tantrum at one point… He's quite a normal teen now though 😉 #WickedWednesdays


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