Simple Pleasures

Hey readers,
I have been reflecting over things that have got my attention as you do or as I do.  One of  my main problems that I struggle with  on a personal level is making my life complicating situations. Even more so I feel the need is stronger as a mother I find it hard to stop the trap of perfectionistic thinking. gli always feel I push myself too hardand constantly looking for the answer which is impossible to do. It does not help that that the internet is 24/7 fully accessible at our fingers tips. Not to mention the modern age problem of comparison is that much stronger compared to even a decade ago. With websites like Pintetest and the like trying to create pictures of perfectionism the pressure is constantly there and suck you in.
So I have wrote some simple pleasures that make me smile and just appreciate the little things. It is a simple reminder for myself to not get bogged down in detail or overcomplicate situations. A note note to myself that sometimes the best things are simple.
  1. When you Eat a slice of melon on a hot day and that refreshment really hits the spot.
  2. Getting lost in a book.
  3. Walking in a field or woodlands.
  4. Having an amaze thought that inspires me to write something on my blog.
  5. When your child falls asleep in you and they do a quite snore.
  6. Going out for a walk in the crisp air
  7. Not very often but crawling back to bed into the warmth and go back to the sleep.
  8. The view from my flat and experiencing the sun setting.
  9. Sometimes when having children tour relationship with your partner can sometimes can get neglectful therefore on the evening having a laugh together really help ease the tension of the day away.
  10. When you have not had a cup of tea for like hours and that first taste that quenches your first.
Sunset from my balcony 
Cheers for reading X
Mami 2 Five
Best of Worst
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12 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Love this list and the sentiment behind it! It is so hard to get sucked into an almost fake world and reflecting on the simple things helps. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon x


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