Hey reader,
My word of the week is:-
I chose this word because I feel I have loads of energy this week. I don’t know why, maybe it was because I have been relaxing the week before due to poorlyness. But I feel really motivated right now and actually feel inspired to do them jobs that you but off because you just can’t be arsed.
Also, I hace signed up for a music class which has taken me awhile to have the courage to do due to slef dealting. But I took the pulge and signed up this week we shall see on the day how that goes.
I feel more motivated and good in myself which will always be a battle with my depression as I am always swinging that arrow from one mood to the next. The lesson I have leant when living with depression is that you appreciate the good days when I feel good and not so self doubting as a parent.
I’ve been calmer around the kiddos too and being more patient. I have been really working hard on my communication skills. I have had some good news with having a date set for a specialist parenting class as i have some difficults due to my autism. So I am feeling a bit more optimistic and when you finally see some good it makes you feel more positive to face the days. Lets hope it stays this way.
Cheers for reading X
The Reading Residence

10 thoughts on “Energetic

  1. Energetic is a great word to sum up your week. Best of luck with the music lessons and it's good that you're feeling more optimistic about things. I also like your mantra; appreciate the good days to better help you deal with the badHave a lovely weekend#WoTW


  2. What a great word to choose! As someone who has suffered from depression and PND I know that feeling of clinging onto the good days to make the bad moments a little more bearable all too well. I hope your positivity continues and those bad days become few and far between. Xxx #wotw


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