Why I don’t want to have any more children

Hey readers,
I got talking to a dad on a bus this week and we got into discusson about children.  I stated that I have two children and they are hard work thereforeI don’t want anymore children . He looked surprised with my statement. I don’t know whether I was being blunt or that I was not supposed to.speak like that because of being a woman.
Society expects us women to be broody but I am not.  The reason I wanted to children was to pass my genes on. This seems to some people like a selfish idea but I believe that us mere mortals are selfish, shock horror.
Let me say one thing that is  I love my children dearly and they bring me such joy. They have changed me and even helped me be a bit more understanding. I am not going to lie I really struggle to see other people’s points of view due to be autism. Not to mention that I struggle with parenting and find it very challenging. I don’t want another child as they are really hard work mentally, physically and emotionally. I want to give my sons the best that I can be to them as a mother.  I don’t want to compromise that nor do I want to be a rubbish mum to another child.
I personally know that if I bring another child into this would I would have a mental breakdown. Two children for me is enough that it pushing me and challenge me every day but not enough that I would risk my family breaking up or worse still taken off me.
So when I look at the bigger picture I don’t see myself as being selfish but wise and thoughtful to my children.
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27 thoughts on “Why I don’t want to have any more children

  1. I completely and totally agree! I have two children and I love them with every ounce of my heart. But if I fell pregnant again, I would be sad and disappointed. Because my youngest is now 8 months and I am just starting to get some semblance of my life back. I love that me and my husband can now have a night away. I love that I mostly get six hours sleep a night (mostly broken, but still – six hours!) I am not one to swoon over babies and I feel the same as you – that sometimes people think I'm unusual for feeling like that. We are not unusual – we just admit to finding parenting effing hard work!!!! #bestandworst


  2. I don´t think there is anything wrong with not wanting more kids and saying so. I was sure I couldn´t go through it all again after my son, but when I was told I couldn´t actually have any more children it changed my mind. I am now pregnnat with number two but I hated constantly being asked why I hadn´t given a brother to my child before now. I think two kids is a great number 😉 #bestandworst


  3. Oh my goodness! I totally could have written this haha. I have had this conversation a lot recently. I have two boys and we have decided we don't want to have anymore. I don't feel its necessary to give reasons (although some of mine are similar to yours) yet whenever I say 'oh no, we won't be having more' its like total disbelief. My family don't 'believe' me. I think it is totally weird to make assumptions on the number of children that people do/should have.


  4. Definitely – it 's not selfish, it is what is best for you and your kids to have the number that is right for you & you can cope with. I have two and don't intend to have more. In terms of the actual kids, I probably would enjoy more, but I don't like being pregnant, I would now be higher risk as 35 & don't see the need to run the risks when already have two kids, and financially we would be unlikely to get to a point where I can earn a reasonable amount & we can provide more for them if we had more since we were over 30 when had our first. I don't really get why people still act shocked anyway – I thought 1-2 children had been the norm for years! Perhaps you are meant to only have 1-2 children but never admit that you also only wanted 1-2 children?! #picknmix


  5. I think I met someone who liked the idea of having.more themselves and probably like a lot find it hard.to see other people's points. I can understand the and your reasons, pregnancy can be a right of.putter. I hope you do what makes you happy X


  6. I agree with you totally. It is not selfish to not want more than two kids. Its not selfish to want only one kid or god forbid to be childless. Everybody is entitled to do whatever suits them in reguards to repopulating the planet and no-one has the right to judge them for it. You are doing what is best for you and your kids and that is all you need worry about. #Picknmix


  7. I don't think its selfish at all. Everyone is different after all. Some choose not to have any children at all, others choose to only have one. It's a personal choice. I have two boys and am still undecided whether to have baby number three. I'd be classified as high risk being 37 too so will need to make a final decision sooner rather than later! #picknmix


  8. Totally agree. It's up to you how many children you have – or don't have – and I'm amazed at how judgemental and nosy people are about it. So not helpful! #brilliantblogposts


  9. Well put! I totally understand you. Me too! They are so hard work! And I don't want anymore! I did had a vision when I was younger that 4 was a perfect family number. But really – 2 is enough and as perfect for me. 😉 #BrilliantBlogPost


  10. Tell me about it, certainly the world gets a lot more.ginger pointing as a parent. Totally midfield with parenthood at times. Just thankful not everyone is the same X


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