Top tips ways to deal with a fluey child

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Nothing worse then seeing your child unhappy and unwell. It can be quite stressful as they are not there usuall cherpy selfs and sometimes it can be hard to know how to deal with them.
I have learnt along the way some important tips so I have but them together for someone who may find them helpful.

  1. Its ok to use Paracemol/ibrofen it will help ease some of thr pain and reduce tempature. 
  2. Rest is important as it helps the body to work the illness out of the body. Though do let your child decide what they need. It is ok to allow your childf to sleep in you’re bed. I sure do when it is rough with illness in my home. When it gets to the point where I am exhausted and it does help both of us get some sleep.
  3. Dont feel guilt over TV being on, it might help take their mind of feeling rubbish and even give you a break. 
  4. Loads of fluids is crucial, iI have found lollies, smoothies, icecubes even sucking on Mellons helped. As long as they are having plenty of drinks to keep them hydrated that is what is essential.
  5. Don’t worry abou the fact that your child has lost their appetite as the illness may make them not want to eat much. It is important to eat something even if it is a few mouthfuls. Sometimes dry and bland food like toast can help ease them back into eating again.
  6. With the flu it is important to stock up on essentials such as tissues, if they have a cough a cough medication (you can check with the pharmacist and buy the right one for you over the counter), Albas oil is brilliant especially at night and you can get a chhild friendly one which is not so potent.
  7. With blocked noses and fuzzy head putting on the shower and closing the bathroom door for five minutes so the room is steamy enough. Then your child cand sit in the room after for a short period of time. This is excellent at helping clear the sinuses and help your child breathe a bit better. Also I have found if you put a pillow under the mattress so making the matress elevated. This can help with the child’s breathing and can help your child sleep better at night (though don’t do that before the age of  one).
  8. Making sure your child is comfort is important. That could be making sure they have their quilt and pilllow on the sofa or having one of their favourite cuddly toys with them to watching a favourite TV show. This can help your child pick up thir spirits if they are feeling a bit downbeat.
  9. Dress your child in layers so that can take off or put on layers when they feel the desire to.
  10. It’s OK to feel frustrated as a parent as the child can be a bit more clingy then normal. don’t worry about the housework just focus on your child getting better and do what is most important to you. Remember the washing up can wait!
  11. If at all you feel any dealt with your childs health then ring the professionals that is what they there for and seek professional reassurance.  
Cheers for reading X

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Super Busy Mum
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4 thoughts on “Top tips ways to deal with a fluey child

  1. It is horrible, when your child has the flu or a cold. As a parent, you do feel so helpless. You want to make them better but you know that the only real remedy it time and rest. I have always found that rubbing Snuffly Babe in to my daughter's chest and the soles of her feet helps her breath more easily. Also, I think you can buy some brilliant plug-ins that release sinus clearing vapours throughout the night. This is a fantastic list though and a great resource for any parent with a cold-ridden child. Thanks for sharing with #SundaysStars. I am sorry it has taken me so long to comment. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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