Beastly mind.

Hey readers,

I have bit recently and getting to that point where I feel like slipping into depression. I thought to help ease my over thinking I would write. I used to love writing poetry in my teens but became detached from it. I just writing impulsively but just forgot how much I love writing poetry. Even if it is shit it is very therapeutic.
Here is my poem:

Sometimes I just wanna drown away,
I am merely nothing but a miserable wreck,
My perfectionisms are killing me,
The only thing that keeps me going,
Is the anxities in my head.

I feel like I am on a loop,
Not knowing when to get off,
Each day is battle,
That is created in my head.

If it was easy would I be doing this,
I am not stupid,
My mind warped a ndwrapped around,
These obessions that hang over me,
Making me blind to reality.

You think I am attention seeker,
Maybe I am but all I really want is a blocker,
Someone to shut my mind up.

Each day I feel a battle,
I have to face on and on,
I don’t know where it will stop.

Some days are good,
I feel I conquer all,
Others are minutes of peace,
Before the requernst of this ugly beast.
I hate it as it paints a blackened image,
My pariona gets in the way,
The only fear now is the fear it’s going get me.

I have shared this on my blog, because I want to raise awareness about depression/ocd in parenthood. Obviously, there are some Bloggers out there who do amazing in sharing their experiences. Thank God makes it not so isolating and has encouraged me in fact to write this post. Now I be honest I was humming and harring whether to or not. Fear mainly as one the main driving forces is fear of failure and worrying about what people think about me. But alternatively I want to let someone see this and say yes I’m not alone.

Thank you for readingX

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My Kid Doesn't Poop Rainbows


Hey readers,

My word of the week is:

I chose the word noise as I have a lot of.internal chatter going on. However, I feel so good not having to run around like a headless chicken this week with not having to drop and pick up my son from nursery. It is lovely to see my son not so tired from nursery and not going to speech therapy this week. It gave my son the time to spend with his brother and just generally chill out.
The downfall of not being so structured and having less time is falling back on blog admin. I am the type of person to feel  guilty with not catching up on comments, commenting on linkies and so for. I don’t know why I just think I am too conscientious at times and put too much pressure on myself. I am like that with everything though, if someone wants me to do something I immediately jump up like lightening to do it.  So, I feel guilty when I have been a bit slow, but it is silly really. I am sure I am not alone but I tend to over analyse like I am now and I really hate that about my personality. But sometimes it can come in handy, so really swings in roundabouts.
Anyhow I will be looking forward to carving our pumpkins as I love arts and craft type stuff with the sproglets. So happy Halloween readers and hope you have some spooktacular fun 😉
Cheers for reading X
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Stratford upon Avon

Hey readers,
At the weekend we went out for a family day out to Stratford upon Avon. We chose there specifically as they had a attraction called Jungle Town located inside a garden centre. Here at Jungle Town they had a play area in one big room split up into several themed rooms. For example there was a room designed as a shop with  tills, shopping trolleys and food. Whereas another room was a construction room with a toy cement mixer, super large foam bricks and a builders work table. Alternatively, there was the home section with a dolls house, all the necessary cleaning tools and  the babies sleeping on their toy cot.
My boys loved playing here and it was great that the kids were allowed to get in and be free to do what they wanted to do. It was fantastic at stimulating little ones imaginations whilst playing along with others.
Surprisingly the children got on really well playing together and hardly any arguments were witnessed. It is amazing when you put little ones in a group together they just get along most of the time playing happily.
There were benches for adults as well which was great for a break as the play area was secure with a locked door. This gave parents peace of mind  knowong that the place was safe. This allowed time if you wanted for your children to think independently and have the freedom to explore what they wanted if they wished without  the adults being permently at their side.

We stayed for an hour and half and that was more then enough time for my sons to check each area out and not get too tired.
As we left the place we were hitting mid-day so therefore we hunted down an eatery. We went to a lovely cafe that served beautiful fish and chips. I definitely recommend visiting the Riverside Café if you are in the area. The fish, I had was haddock which was so light and fresh  with the chips bring crispy but soft on the inside. For my taste and the boys that was perfect.
My husband is quite a slow eater and I am quite a fast eater. But my eldest he is grazer. Therefore didn’t take too long to finish his dinner so thought it was best to take him out for a walk before before any. mayhem  was caused.
I decided to go for a walk with my eldest boy. The café is just on the river front of the river Avon so had lovely scenery to go for a walk along there. We even went on an old wind up boats which my son loved as it was something different to experience.

That helped burn some of my sons energy so we headed home as it was quite damp and it already had been a long day. Is amazing how much energy you use up as parents going out with toddlers, haha!
Cheers for reading X

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