Autumn bucket list

Hey readers,
Well now that it is officially autumn I thought that I would be oh so cliché and device a autumn bucket list.
I love structure and it is great to have some direction with play and I think all the items on the list my sproglets would enjoy.
  1. So, firstly as a typical autumn activity I am going to do a scarface hunt. Also print of a picture tick list of items to find. 
  2. Walk in the woodlands and find the items of the scavenge list.
  3. Collect conkers and fur cones.
  4. Walk in crunchy leafs.
  5. Do leave art.
  6. Alternatively do leave rubbing or tree rubbing.
  7. As it won’t be long before we are in October go to a pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin.
  8. Followed by carving a pumpkin.
  9. Drinking hot chocolate outside.
  10. Watch the fireworks light up the sky 
  11. Pick apples of the tree.
  12. Make apple crumble with hot custard. 
  13. Eat some toffee apples.
  14. Watch a traditional film something crap like Home Alone and cuddle up on the warm under a blanket.
  15. Walk in a grave yard, this is probably more for me as I had happy childhood memories doing this with my granddad.

Hope that has inspired you to have fun in the autumn.
Thank you for reading X

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12 thoughts on “Autumn bucket list

  1. sounds good! My two are off conker hunting with their Grandad later this morning – I wrote a post about our autumn walk and treasure hunt at the weekend – I included a link to a great hunt list for little ones that you might enjoy using too#whatevertheweather


  2. Great list! I'm looking forward to when Taylor gets a little older and we can do fun activities like this. We have an apple tree in our garden and I really need to get out there and start picking so that I can make that apple crumble too! #whatevertheweather x


  3. Great list! As Stevie said, you should definitely have a look at Twinderelmo's bucket list linky too. :). I love all the activities you have chosen, so many lovely autumn activities. I didn't know you could pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, I've never seen any advertised around here, will have to look around! I really enjoy autumn, there's so much to do and see.Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  4. Brilliant list! I wish we had some pumpkin patches near us! I'd love to go and pick our own. Mmmm hot chocolate outside sounds perfect and I can't wait to see fireworks this autumn! Wrapped up all cosy in jumpers, scarves and coats! 😀 Thank you for linking this post to #whatevertheweather x


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