Monday round up

Hey readers,
Hope you are well on this wet and grey Monday. I am doing my recent installment for from the mouth of babes. So enjoy:-
My eldest son said to me “Mummy, it’s foggy today and I need to look outside as I am at nursery and will miss it”.
Also, the other day when it was also foggy my son said “Daddy it’s foggy you need to turn your fog lights on”.
DS1 said to me the other day, “look the speed bumps are so bumpy”.
My DS2 each day is added more and more words to his apatorje with yes (shaking his head), Micky, horse noise, sheep noise,  duck noise). Can say ball, balloon, book, shoe, stop and can wave and say goodbye.
Can say pig and squeal especially around M&S 😉
My DS1 informed me that cows make milk.
Whilst cuddling on the sofa, ever do sweetly my DS1 said to me whilst poking my tummy, “Mummy you got bug tummy”. Oh son your such a charmer.
Thanks for reading X
Little Hearts, Big Love

2 thoughts on “Monday round up

  1. Good job Daddy has DS1 to remind him about turning his fog lights on – so funny! Love DS2's latest words and that he says pig and squeals around M&S (a fan of Percy, by any chance?) DS1's final comment made me chuckle – they do come out with some blunt comments at times, don't they? Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂


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