Day out with the boy to Brum

Hey readers,
As my son has returned to nursery for just over  a week in there has not been much chance of fitting in one to one time. I could nor attempt in doing this during the week as my son is so exhausted just going to nursery and speech therapy as well. Therefore on Saturday I spend with my eldest most weeks doing one to one as my hubby takes the youngest swimming.
This week we headed over to Birmingham via the train, as my son is mad hot on going on trains. Then I planned for us to go check out the BBC space at The Mailbox (also meant I could check out some more owl sculptures).
It took me an hour extra then needed to get To the Mailbox all because of rubbish Google Maps. I am defiantly not using that app again as it is so frustrating to use especially in the rain.
Although, My son did get to see a road sweeper for the first time. We did spend a bit of time sitting on the steps in the rain in peace just watching the council worker clean the streets. To tell you the truth I could of sat there all day just chatting drinking and watching the van clean up. Simple pleasures!
However, the sturrborn me wanted to head on and get to the place just so I could prove I could do it myself. 
We found a bus and headed close to the the right direction of The Mailbox and we walked a couple of streets. Luckily we found our destination pretty easily.
We walked along the canals and my son enjoyed learning about them and watching the boats.
We reached the BBC space and priorities first place with taking  pictures of eight owl sculptures, boom!
Then we looked around at the different displays and my son took a particularly shine to the Darlek. He even wanted to take him home, haha.
We also got to experience the green screen where we could pretend to read the BBC weather by standing behind then green screen. Which was a blast and had so many giggles. My son was memsmories by how his body had got on to the TV.
By the time we finished looking at the different display cabinets with BBC memorabilia we headed back into the town centre of Birmingham to get a bite to eat. My son persuaded me for a maccies. I caved in as at this point we were drowned rats and not knowing where all the properity eateries were I settled for easy. Not to mention the fact that my feet were killing me as we walked from broad Street but at least we found even more owls on the way. My Son being my son wanted to hug each owl and give them a kiss, awww.
We headed home after getting my son a Micky balloon (he is obsessed with the Dame things).
But overall it was nice to spend some quality time with my boy.
My son reading the BBC weather.

Hugging a lovely people sculpture at The 


Twit wooooooo 

DS1 checking out the love locks on the bridge.

Birmingham canal
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