Hey readers,
My word of the week is candle.
The reason being is I just currently have some sort of fetishism with having candles  on. I especially like using candles in the evenings particularly now that the nights are drawing in. 
They are a great comfort to me and help me wind down. Obviously, with my comfort blanket I have the problem however of not wanting to move of the sofa, I’m getting so old, haha!
I am loving the new range of smells on the shops at the moment. I particularly parsule to spiced orange and cinnamon flavours. Dare I even say I am loving the new Christmas candles out, especially as they are red which is such a beautiful colour for autumn/September time. I
I feel really chilled out this week and the candles definitely helped though I do have a cold so maybe feeling like can’t be bothered. I am sure going to need more candles as it gets darker but I don’t mind the beautiful aromas leaking into the room make it that more cosier.
I definitely found a comfort feeling when lighting a candle and love the silhouettes against the wall. I also like the glow from the light flicking away from the candle when the lights are low and most certainly creates an ambience.
Even my eldest son pesters me now to light candles but I have a feeling that is properly more a novelty at the moment but I am sure that he will get bored.
I have even purchased a tall candle that changes colour through the burning and my sons love watching the changes of the wax formation dripping down the candles. There is sokethingbbeautifil and Tomatin about wax or maybe that is just me go ignitor crazy, haha!
Here is my beautiful multicoloured candle !
Thanks for reading X
The Reading Residence

19 thoughts on “Candle

  1. You're right, there is something magical about candles but I don't really think about lighting the matches until later in the year. Now that the autumn days are drawing in I think I'll be getting out the candles again!#WoTWxx


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