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Since my son has started back at nursery again I have mornings where I spend some quality one on one time with my youngest. It is a great opportunity to give him some undivided attention especially as soon he will be returning to nursery in January.
Therefore this post is about my trip with my boy to our local art gallery (The Herbert). I have an interest in the arts and I just love that it is a charity funded place and fantastic service that is free. I remember many a trip there in my younger years and there something special about revisiting your childhood places with your children.
Anyhow, there are quite few different displays but I just focused on the one. We were half knackered from going to rythme time earlier.  I focused on the children’s television exhibition that documents the progression of children’s television. 
Seeing my son head first to the television display, I don’t know what that says; either I’m a bad parent or he likes to go to one of the most expensive items that could be broken in the gallery. Kids gotta love them!
We watched different clips on children’s progress from over the years. But was shocked to see one such eighties type kids programmes involving an experiment with a cigarette, oh how times have changed.
My son really.enjoyed the simplisty of button moon which does not surprise me as it has similar characteristics of The Clangers (which by the way he loves). So that is definitely one I shall look up at a later date on the old YouTube, haha!
We also got the opportunity to sit at the little kids tables which my son adored as he is not used to sitting in a chair without reins.
He also unlike my eldest loves arty crafty stuff so was in his element with using the big crayons. I swear he could stay at that table for a few hours, he was in heaven!
We also looked around at the figures associated with the different children’s programmes. Obviously this was a great fun game to play with my son by spotting the ones associated with my childhood (playdays, tots TV) and then my son spotting his favourite characters and objects (twirly woos boat, shaun the sheep). My son loved to make me aware of his favourites by pointing and squealing like a piggy with at the time a lot of older people taken the exhibition oh so seriously.
Obviously, it was also a great change to let my son out of his cage and be free to walk around. It was a lot less stressful as we were in a building and not have to worry that he tries to escape on the road.
Nothing could beat the excitement of my son getting to push the buttons and go up and down in the glass elevator. Simple pleasures.
Old skool camera

All sweetness and light (if only you knew the half of it;) )
Twirlywoo’s boat

Why bird

Let’s make music

TV addict haha!

Blow my son’s little mind.

Happiness for a toddler is jumping off steps!
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