Leamington Spa

Hey readers,
Well last weekend we went out as a family to Leamington Spa which basically is down the road from me, but enough to treat it as a day out 😉
Obviously with children they grow what a bum so we went to Clarks to get my sons shows mesauered. My eldest is 8.5F and my youngest is 5.5G (yes I know my youngest has really wide feet which he inherited of his father).
Today was sunny hot which is a perfect day to go munching around Leamongton. It has this fabulous green space with a multitude of fountains which really helps create a chilled atmosphere.
There is nothing more ace then green areas for little tots to run freely around. I like it because I consciously track my steps with my fitbit flex therefore means I crunch some numbers up, whoop!
We were planning on going to the glass houses as there a bit of fun for the boys to walk around and see the exotic plants and fish. But sadly as it is a Saturday the area was closed of to the public due to a wedding, boo!
Still, we got to explore a new feature in the gardens in the form of a sensory garden which has only just been instored this year. They were mirrors and wooden musical instruments to play on. The bpys had grreat fun running around smelling the different smells and looking out for the animals that lived in the wooden logs that they feed of to survive.
Amazing how much time that can kill as before I know it two hours had passed so it was time to head home and walk leasiurely through the paths and enjoy the view. What I particularly like about the gardens was it was family friendly chilled out picnic vibe that day with people walking with families, dog walkers young people snogging each others faces off and the hipsters with their coffee  cups making it quite ac diverse range of people all coming together to chill on the green.
Also we checked out a new ice cream Italian parlour which we haven’t been before. My eldest was in heaven as ice cream is one of hid favourite food. He was especially in heaven as they served his favourite ice-cream, bubblegum. Me on the other hand not so keen on the gelento style ice-cream so opted for a warm waffle which was perfect and fresh!
Lovely day all round and we got the children’s shoes measured without having to cue as in Coventry it is a nightmare this time of year.

My youngest getting his feet measured.

Exploring the grand waterfall

The wonderful waterfalls.

A carved acorn.

Thank you for reading X

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