Sarehole Water Mill

Hey readers,
Whilst we were away in Norfolk we saw a lot of windmills and even visited one. My son was obsessed beyond belief. somehow along the way he got  transfixed with wanting to go to a Water Mill, kids hey strange creatures.  So, we promised my son that when we got home we would visit one.
Well that day arrived after asking my dear friend Google where one locally was to us. We stumbled upon Sarehole water Mill situated not far from Birmingham city. It is also one of two working mills left within Birmingham.
The mill would not think it being in Birmingham as when you visit the site it is so very countryside feel to it that you would not think that it was situated in an urban area of Birmingham (Hall Green) .
Anyhow, after we had a picnic in a field naturally we then moved on to explore the mill.
The mill it’s self is still working and we specifically went on Wednesday as you could see a demonstration of a worker grinding the wheat and watch the wheels working.
We wondered around up four flights of stairs and watched the water go through the different stages. My son found this fascinating and even commentated that his favourite part of the day was wat hing the water wheel.
Also on one floor there was a magnet on a rod game and you could catch discs of pictures of animals, educational and fun, win-win. My sons loved doing that game and even lasted half an hour. Let’s face it that is pretty long concentration for my sons anyway.
The next floor you could learn more about and associations with the mill as Tolkien lived not far from the mill and was used with reference in the books.
We then explored the pool around the mill which was very pictureiswue as we had gorgeous sunshine which was lovely relaxed  atmosphere especially when you can hear  the bird life and get a sense of getting away from it all.
Obviously we are in Birmingham and we got thd opportunity to hunt down two owls ans tick of the owl hunt.
We also played outside with the games of noughts and crosses, bowling and general run round.
We finished the day with a cuppa and a home made cake used with the mill’s home made flour and it tasted delishous and added that little touch to the attraction.
We had not been before to this attraction so overall a great day out and something different to do with the kiddos and getting out in the great outdoors .
You can deal if we have had a  great day out by the fact how quickly both of my boys fall asleep on the way home.
Billesley base owlet.
Owl for one and one for owl.

The mill

The boys watching the mill working

Based on the illustrations on Tolkien’s work.
The fishing animal magnet game.

Taking in the view of the mill’s pool.

Thanks for reading X

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14 thoughts on “Sarehole Water Mill

  1. Thank you.and you must as it is a unique experience. Quaint that is the word I was looking for but completely lookout it and could get it in my head the night I was writing this, lol X


  2. What a beautiful place to have been able to explore, it's great to learn more about some local history too. I bet the boys were in awe the whole way round learning all about how the mill worked and why they used to have it powered by water. They look totally engrossed by the fishing game, I'm sure they'll remember this day out for years to come. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.


  3. I love mills! They are great to see how things were made in the past. I visited the cotton mills at New Lanark a lot as a kid and was always fascinated at watching the water go through the wheel, but I've never been to a flour mill, I must find one! A great place to visit and even more fabulous that you can eat cake made with the mills flour too. Looks like you all had a fabulous day out! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


  4. Definitely the sign of a great day out if they fell asleep haha. I love owls and I've always wanted to visit a windmill so I am really jealous of your day out. It sounds amazing. I'd love to see inside a windmill. I think my favourite part would be watching the water wheel too. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather x


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