The countdown to nursery

Hey readers,

I’ve mentioned this before but can’t believe how fast this summer holidays has gone by. I won’t pretty it up and say all the time it has gone smoothly. As there have been times when I have wante to pull out my hair. When going for a pee in peace feels like a challenge or dealing with entertainment can be right drag. But overall we are all still here and safely got our mind’s intact.
So as we are heading closer to the end of August and entering into  a new academic year and this will be my DS1 last one before he goes to school next September. So I thought I would pull together a list of preparational ideas to settle my child back into going to nursery.

  1. Lets face it summer holidays have screwed up the rountines and the little ones have not got that strict rountine that they once had. This will be one of the hard tasks  I feel that this will test me when getting the boys to go to bed early. Make sure that they get plenty of rest before the big day. Especially important on the night before (if you can).
  2. Linking on with point one it is important that at the start of the nursery week to not do too much  activities and have a nice chilled week. As rest is important as I know with my son when he is at nursery he gets very exhausted with all the excitement and stimuli provided. 
  3. Make sure you prepare the night before with getting the breakfasts ready and out and the nursery bag packed with essentials.
  4. Make sure you stick with routine as I love it and kids do it. It makes life so much more easier settling back into the new chance. 
  5. When it is the first day back to nursery make sure you incorporate addition time to complete the daughting task. It may take longer to get them up and get ready whilst running around the home trying to get them to go to the toilet. 
  6. Keep calm whenever your trying to tame your child, weather that be at bedtime or getting them up and ready on the first day. It will effect the situation and you want one less stress to make the situation run smoothly.  I am a victim of not managing stress correctly so this always applies to me and get very nervous about time and control.
  7. Make sure you praise your child with positivity making them feel good and encouraging them when they are left at nursery. Even though my boy has been to nursery for two years the chance in routine with confuse him as he is still learning. 
Thank you for reading and wish you the best of luck with settling your child back into nursery. X
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8 thoughts on “The countdown to nursery

  1. We're so lucky! The nursery that the twins go to doesn't close for the school holidays at all. They are open every day apart from weekends, Christmas and bank holidays. It would make life very difficult if they closed in line with the schools. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! xCaro |


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