Park Life

Hey readers,

This week we explored a new park a few miles away from home. Isn’t it great when you find somewhere different. I know I love going to new places but I don’t always have the confidence to explore and can easily get stuck in repetition of the same old, same old.

Anyhows, at this park was great as they had a sand pit type table (sorry don’t know the technical term). This was great as it involved water and  both my boys have been into water from day one. Also, it was great messy play outdoors and I didn’t have to clean up after, win-win!

There was also a ray of apparatuses from big round Spinny seats to climbing up robes and sand pits to use the purchased  bucket and spade.  I love-making sand castles I have found it quite therapeutic. Going through parenthood I find it much easier as a parent to do activities that I enjoy. I am a firm believe of that and I am sure my children can feel my vibes and have an impact on theif play.

Another main winner to play with at the park for my boys is the water tray that you get the handle to pump water into and then transfers down to another tray and then finally ending up into a massive sink. This is where my youngest loves to go to so that he could practice jump in muddy puddles, can you tell someone is into Peppa Pig.

So we easily spent about three hours there and got lots of walking involved to keep us all fit. Therefor, naturally it meant that it was alright to have an ice cream. Perfect end to a perfect simple and toddler friendly fun day out.

I definately will also try to find more new play areas as it is shocking when you look at maps how many parks are around, well for us anyways.

Park life!

Cheers for reading X

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