The Essential Toddler Packing List

Hey readers,

 Just returned from my week away to Norfolk with the family. I felt compelled to write about essential items that I found useful to pack when doing the daughting prospect of packing items for toddlers.
So I have got my top ten list of useful items:-

  1. First things first the STROLLER,  I found a very important item for any parent going away with a tot. Not only is it a great transporter for my son who is in the transactional period of walking and sitting in the  pushchair to help his little tired legs. It can also be really useful when hitting the beach to have as a carrier of all the essential crap like three buckets and spades, four towels and a handful of fruit shots ;). Finally, the stroller can also be transformed into a high chair as we went to the Indian restaurant one night on our holiday and they had NO highchairs. That saved our lives I can tell you and a lot of mess was not made as a result of the stroller lifesaver!
  2. SPARE CLOTHING – always good to have additional items to make the holiday go smoother as accidents happen (a lot). Alough we were at a self-catering and we did have a washing machine which was brilliant. Though you could if you can and deal with the added stress  go to a good old launderette.
  3. NAPPIES – DS2 is slowly learning about the potty but not their yet and don’t want the hassle of a dry cleaners bill at the end of the holiday so therefore lots and lots and lots of nappies are packed. I would even care to say I packed to many but in my defense it is better to pack too much then too little!
  4. MEDICATION –  I found paracemol/ibrofen satches handy and less room in the suitcase plus easier to administrate. Then there is plasters because kids have bumps and antiseptic wipes. My DS2 is periodically teething and has about four teeth to go.  I am aware with past experience from my eldest they are the most painfullst. So having teething gel, teether, teething powder makes life easier whilst on holiday as you never know when something will happen. We know sods law if you don’t have something that it  will happen.
  5. WET WIPES – can’t get enough of this bad boys and I sure have enough of the dame things knocking about. Great for any cleaning useage for quick effective treatment. We want less stress on holiday and more relaxtion is key to good ‘in.
  6. TOILETRIES – you typical items of shampoo, coditioner, shower gel etc are great especial as you can get travel sized items in the shops. Watch out Boots have some good offers from time to time with buy 3 for 2. Though if your more frugal then empty travel bottles topped up with your own items at home can save space and money. 
  7. Very important to have all sets of FOOTWEAR – as I am in UK so bound to be a mixed bag of unpredictable weather. I packed for my boys there Clark’s shoes, sandals and wellies.
  8. Make sure you have your child’s PJS as it will help them sleep better with familiarity and comfortableness.
  9. With children it is always a good idea to have some form of entertainment with you that you child likes to play with. The type of toys I took were Lego travel set and sticker books. As I know the boys love these and will help when they are board or frustrated. 
  10. Make sure you pack a BOOK as this is part of my boys bedtime routine and again echoes the idea of  famility which can help settle your child in a strange and different environment. As like many children they are not fans of change.
I hope you find this helpful aand Thank you for reading X

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11 thoughts on “The Essential Toddler Packing List

  1. Great list and I am usually really good at packing well for the twins – however I totally forgot the Calpol sachets which would have been really handy on our Zoo trip when one of them was feeling groggy. School boy error. Over from #TheList 🙂 x


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