Hey readers,
While as I write this blog post we are driving on the way home and both the boys are sleeping.
Well what a week we had in Norfolk full of fun, tiredness and creating memories. 
One the outings of the week was when we visited the Pigeon Farm which was so much fun for the boys to wonder around looking at all the different animals. 
My sons even got the change to pet the genuine pigs. Which my eldest adored though the youngest was more engaged with charming the member of staff, haha!

Also at the farm was a MASSIVE inflatable pillow/trampoline which was a lot of fun going boing on.
A new experience for the boys was riding on the farm tractor through the bumpy lanes and meeting the farmer.
Obviously a British hoilday would not be complete without a visit to the seaside making sandcastles and jumping in waves. Not forgetting eating fish and chips folllowed by ice-cream. This was enjoyed by all and makes me very happy as it reminds me of happy childhood memories. How could I not forget to mention the tripod the horse and cart which was so much fun and something new and alternative for the family.
On another day we took advantage of the local Water Gardens which was set against lovely green and.wildlife. Owned by an elderly couple that sadly passed away l. However at a later date the gardens reopened by their daughter as it was their wish to share the gardens. The) couple dedicated 30 years creating stunning.landscape for.others to visit. There were several bridges over stunning water Gardens that  really took you away to escape and explore.  We also had a packed picnic which was lovely to have with the idyllic scenery to eat with. The kids loved it as we don’t have many picnics so it felt like a special treat.
My kids loved the gardens and were sad to leave. They loved the green to run around the trees and the like. 

Later that day we went to the local miniature railaway and had fun gong round and round. Which was slightly worrying for me as I  am a big girl so when it rocked I was not sure what would happen but lucky the ride was intact, haha!
A different day a different adventure but this time ones involving dinosaurs. We headed out to Dinosaur adventure Park which was Jam packed full of activities to wear my little darlings out for the day.
There were a ray of several areas of clinching frames, swings and slides l. My son was particularly in love with the slide that was attached to a Dinosaur and had both the slides coming out from the mouth and bottom. Obviously for a three year old this was hilarious. 
We also participated in a dinisour trails through the woodlands collecting the stamps and some smaller Dinos my son could climb on, that for him was epic!!!
There was still more with the farm animals – donkeys, pigs even a big tortoise too. There was also petting animals with the beaded lizards and their sticky out tongues. 
Obviously an adventure Park would not be the same without having a sweaty indoor soft play area and that my friend was an adventure for my little boys. Even though my DS1 was very tired at the end and tantrumy a gift of a dinisour stick helped ease the end of a fun packed day.

On the other day we went on a steam train across beautiful scenario of the flat lands of Norfolk with the hay bells and the sea. Created a lovely train journey and we were lucky to be blessed with glorious sunshine and found a beach in the local area. Of course were on holiday so it was acceptable to eat a second portion of fish and chips in a week that is my excuse anyways.
Finally to wrap up the week we had to take the opportunity to explore a local National Trust place seeming as I am a member. Not to mention the added benefit of a great free day out minus the ice cream.  But there was a lovely herb garden for the boys to run around. My sons are at that age now that they can play chance with each other. This was beautiful to witness and see the changes between my sons over time and  feel so blessed that they have a good brotherly bond.
Now I have the daughting task of the washing and back on the old diet.
 Picnic time!

Freedom running in fields!

 View from the steam train!

 Miniature train.

Look what the Boys found at Dinosaur trail…

Petting the gunine pigs.
Thanks for reading X

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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  1. Oh my you really did pack so much into your trip to Norfolk, no wonder the children were asleep on the way home! It sounds like there is so much to do, I love the sound of the dinosaur place and the lovely gardens. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


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