Hey readers,

 I can’t believe we have reached half way through the six week holidays. Where does the time go. It certainly feels this week gone uber fast. This feels particularly so as we have had several engagements, birthday celebrations and dealing with my husband’s car beening repaired. So thank goodness that my word of the week is

As tomorrow we are going away for a week to Norfolk.  Never thought packing would be such hard work when in the space of three days all the members of my household have experienced a stomach bug therefore meaning piles of washing non stop. Whilst trying to find the energy to pack for two small children.
This year will be an achievement for me when I go on holiday as with most people can manage a week away, I struggle baddly with OCD/autism when i am away for Long periods. This is because I have less distractions around me leaving me with more time to think. Then the thoughts can manifest and feed off one another. So this will be a bit of a challenge for me to stay cool and collected but i will do it!!!
I am sure the biggest help is having the children to distract me and I am going to fully emerge myself in the role of mummy.
Playing with the children and taking care of them is going to be my biggest distraction. As my husband has told me that he thinks that when I am playing with my son’s that I totally forgot everything that is happening around me. This is because I am so hard working (as communication is not my best skill especially when thinking out side the box and imaginational skills due to my autism). That I work twice as hard to compensate for the not having them natural mother skills. We shall have to wait to find out.
I am looking forward to a rest and to see different scenery especially hoping to see the sea.

Hope you have a good week readers,

Cheers for reading X

The Reading Residence

6 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. I think packing is hard work even when you're not compensating for poorly people around you!I'm sure you'll have a lovely time in Norfolk, somewhere I've never been but I've been told is just beautiful, and I'm sure the change of scene and the change to immerse yourself with the children will be a lovely break#WoTWxx


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